Is getting free products at Walmart possible?

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Quite a lot of products can be gotten for ‘free’ at the Walmart store. They also have some cool coupons you can check out. What about online.

Well getting a “free” product this way can be as easy as applying the following steps.

  • Go to the Walmart website. This is the only way to get free products. 
  • Click the button that says “In Stores Now.” This is at the bottom of the left sidebar.
  • Click on “Free Samples” under the third heading of the “In Stores Now” row.
  • Click “See All” below the free sample box.
  • View all samples and choose the ones you want. Clicking on the one you want will bring up more information about the product.
  • Click on “Get a free sample” from each product information page.
  • Fill in your name and address. Sometimes it is a study of 2 to 3 questions. You can answer or skip it.
  • Click “Submit My Sample” and your sample will be on its way.

It’s exciting to get products you like or would like to try for absolutely free. Companies make a contract with a store to give away as many products for free. They do this in the hope that those who try the product will be hooked on it and then continue to buy the product over and over again. 


It is important to note that free products are not available all the time. This should stop you. there are ways you can generally save money when shopping at Walmart.

Choose Discount Apps. It’s always a good idea to use apps that provide discounts or cash back when making purchases, as they’re easy to use and free. If you use these apps when shopping at Walmart you will save a lot of money. Ibotta or Ebates makes a list of some of the most widely used in this case. At Ibotta you can get countless discounts for household items, food, personal products, and clothing.


Use the Walmart app. Another way to save money at Walmart is to use its mobile application since with it you can get free shipping on purchases over $35 if you place your order after 2 in the afternoon.

Price Match. If you find a lower price at another online store, Walmart will match the price. Before buying a product, you should check its price in other stores so that you can make sure that you are buying the product for the lowest price on the market.

Shop online and pick up in-store. Walmart offers free shipping on purchases over $35, but you can shop on the Walmart website and indicate in-store pickup so you don’t have to pay for shipping. This can be very effective if the product you want to buy is not available in the store.

Happy Shopping!


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