7 Ways to Get Free Items and Services At Walmart

Free/discounted items and services at Walmart

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how to get free stuffs at walmart

Author: Aries Rodriguez

Without offering free items, Walmart still draws countless customers by providing consistent and irresistible low prices on essential items. Not only that but Walmart is also known for unbeatable prices on luxury products and services. To crown it all, you can get some free stuff while enjoying amazing discounts on Walmart. 

How to get free stuffs at Walmart?

If you want to know how to get free stuffs at the Walmart store, below are some methods and tactics to apply.

Visit the Sampling Station at Walmart 

Walmart has a sampling station where vendors submit samples of their products for potential customers to try. As you know, vendors offer free samples to promote their new products. To your advantage, you can pick new products at the Walmart sampling station without spending money. 

Browse Walmart Website

Back then, Walmart had a dedicated website for free sample products. Unfortunately, the site is no longer available. Probably, the reason why is because many customers want to grab free stuff without any plans of patronizing the brand. 

Regardless, Walmart doesn’t stop giving free samples. When you browse their official website, you will still see free goodies with a purchase or free sample advertisements. You can also receive a coupon once you place an order with Walmart. Furthermore, shopping at Walmart give shoppers access to new product samples including; granola bars, body wash, shampoo, lotion, and other essential goods. 

Sign Up for Free Sample Boxes

If you want to receive surprising samples and goodies of beauty products, you need to sign up for Walmart’s free sample boxes. Technically, the samples are free. However, you need to bear the shipping and handling fees. 


Attend Walmart Events

Occasionally, Walmart hosts events to provide customers with different sample products, including foods, toys, healthcare, and beauty items. Besides that, Walmart also gives out coupons for customer to get discounts for later purchases. To check for event dates, see the local event section on their website. 

Visit Blogs that offer Coupon

Get Walmart coupons via blogs if you want to hit two birds with one stone. With that, you can learn and entertain yourself while getting a free coupon. Blog sites like FreeStuffFinder are good resources to get what you want.  

Get the Walmart MasterCard

Walmart MasterCard is a wise way to get free items and cashback on qualified purchases. Using the card will also allow you to accumulate rewards. 

Be a Walmart+ Member

Recently, Walmart introduced the Walmart+ membership plan. As a member, you can get exclusive deals to save money. Walmart claims that members can save over $800 a year on household items and $84 a year on fuel purchases. 

Other Ways to Save Money at Walmart

Walmart offers different deals, including daily deals and end-of-year clearance sales. Additionally, most of these orders have free shipping benefits. Conclusively, no shopper can resist discounts and free samples, and it seems Walmart is leading other retail stores when it comes to it. To get good deals and value for every cent you spend on groceries and household products, you may consider shopping at Walmart. 



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