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Lull mattress review 2022: the most comfortable mattress


The lull mattress is not one of your traditional everyday mattresses. It is made from select materials and special care has been taken in making this amazing product. The Lull company is an online mattress company, which means that you will not be able to test the mattress before purchasing it, which is why we are here to answer all your questions and concerns about your new sleep partner.

About the Lull mattress

The Lull brand not only sells mattresses but also bed frames, pillows, sheets, and a variety of more bedding products. This online company has a lot of competition, but the best foam mattress they sell makes their hustle worthwhile.

Lull mattress material and construction

The Lull mattress is a mixed foam mattress. It is a combination of polyurethane and memory foam. This allows the mattress to be comfortably balanced. The mattress is a three-layer affair and each layer contributes to making what we call a “baby’s dream.” The layers and their particular advantages are listed below:

  • The top cover: The cover is a soft, handmade, and breathable layer, which means that it allows air to pass easily through it. It is made with the help of a polyester blend, which makes it durable. The cover has a nice warm and cozy feel.
  • First layer: This layer is the most important in the making of Lull. It is a 1.5 ‘layer composed of gel-infused memory foam. The gel allows the bed to be cooler in some way, as it attracts heat. Another advantage of this layer is that it occupies the contours of your body, allowing the sleeper to easily release pressure. Responds slowly to pressure, making it easier for the sleeper to sink.
  • Second layer: The next is another 1.5 ”layer, which is responsible for complete muscle rest. It is made of Styrofoam and is firmer than the first layer. This firmness adds to the balance for the sleeper, allowing the sleeper to sink just enough to be comfortable and also stand up easily. This layer is a bit faster to respond than the top layer. We can also name this as the transition layer. In simpler words, this firm layer balances the softness of the layer on top and balances the sleeper’s body.
  • Third Layer: This layer is a 7 ”thick layer made up of high-density polystyrene foam. This is the strongest layer of all, which provides greater durability and also helps reduce sagging and acts as a base for the top layers. This layer is the strongest and gives the body enough support.
  • Final lining: The cover is made of high-quality fabrics, which acts as a sturdy sheet to hold the entire mattress together. Due to its strong structure, the possibility of this cover breaking at any point is minimal.

Multilayer for comfort

  • Which sums things up in being 10 ”tall. The entire cover is made from a blend of rayon and polyester. The cover is removable, with the help of a zipper, but it cannot be machine washed.

    Lull mattress: a certified mattress

    The foams used in manufacturing are CertiPUR-US Certified, which declares that the materials have gone through a rigorous selection process. Lull takes special care of the materials they use so that they are respectful of the environment. She has specifically received three certifications on the same subject.

    • CertiPUR-US

    This certification proves that the mattress is environmentally friendly with the additions that formaldehyde, harmful chemicals, ozone depleters, PBDE flame retardants, heavy metals such as mercury and lead are not used in the mattress manufacture. . It also suggests that the mattress is made with less than the standard 0.5 parts per million VOC (volatile organic compounds).

    • Member of the Sustainable Decoration Council

    Provides minimized carbon emissions and pollutants. So it also creates a really small carbon footprint.

    • Member of the Mattress Recycling Council

    This means that the mattress can be recyclable at the end of its use and the materials will not cause any severe damage to the environment.

    Firmness characteristic

    The firmness of the mattress is the most important aspect. People often prefer a medium-sized mattress because it can accommodate all major body types and a variety of sleeping positions. Here, you will read a detailed report on how the mattress reacts to your body type.

    The firmness of the mattress can be rated as 6/10. Which means that it has a medium level of firmness. It is slightly softer than the industry standard measure of medium firmness.

    Being a mixture of two materials and with a medium level of firmness, this mattress adapts well to all types of sleepers. When you sleep, in Lull, it contours the body, which makes you feel a bit sunk in bed, making you feel comfortable. This is a unique trait that is not found often. The memory layer is thin so it won’t sink too far into the mattress.

    Types of sleepers

    • Back sleepers: Lull, is the most comfortable for those who sleep on their backs. Balances the whole body in the most comforting way. The hips sink in just the right amount, while the rest of the body receives more than comfortable support.
    • Stomach Sleepers: Calm is also amazing for tummy sleepers, as they handle pressure in the correct positions. Cradles the body when the pressure exerted is maximum on the stomach. Since the first layer, which is the comfort layer, is quite thin, the body receives a middle ground neither too soft nor too hard.

    When it comes to stomach and back sleepers, a firm surface is essential. The hips and shoulders must be properly aligned. Extremely soft beds, make the body sink too deep in the bed, which makes the body ache in the morning.

    • Side sleepers: Lull’s medium firmness does provide a night of good sleep for all types of sleepers. Side sleepers may find Lull extremely comfortable, as it provides good support for the hips and shoulders. Although side sleepers prefer a softer surface, Lull miraculously fits them perfectly.
    • Combo Sleepers: Since calm is comfortable for all body types, combination sleepers can opt for calm. It allows a smooth transition, from one position to another.

    When we include body weight in the proposal, if you are a small person, the pressure you apply will be minimal and the best for sleeping on your back and on your stomach. If you are an average body type, Lull will provide you with enough comfort for all sleeping positions.

    • Heavy people: If you are a heavier than average body type, you would prefer a firmer mattress than the calm one. The support foam in Lull is not strong enough to hold you comfortably. It can sink into the mattress, too much for your liking. Even if you prefer to buy it right now, the foam frames will wear out in a shorter period, maybe 5 years or so.

    If you are a soft mattress seeker, Lull is not the option for you. You can try looking for a softer mattress on a scale of maybe 5 or 4.5. But if a firm bed is to your liking, you should definitely dig into the Lull.

    This resolves the issue of whether the mattress is preferable for your body type or not.

    Lull mattress features

    Temperature control

    Since Lull Mattress is made of polyurethane, it can reflect that it tends to be hot at night. But Lull is actually a neutral temperature. Even if the mattress tends to hug you while you sleep, the gel-infused foam just below the cover balances the warmth of your body.

    Overall, sleeping in Lull feels like sleeping in the clouds. The three layers of the mattress, each with a specific function, allow you to relax like never before. With a cooling effect, therapeutic pressure relief, and contour support, this mattress surely makes it to the top 10 list. Gel-infused top layer allows you to have a fresh sleep by helping to maintain body temperature. The so-called Lull as a firm mattress allows adequate protection of health and reduces back pain and stiffness.

    Motion transfer

    If you share a bed, it is imperative that you check its ability to transfer movement. The less the better. Lull, at best, offers this amazing advantage. After several tests performed at Lull, it was concluded that Lull provides sufficient motion control. Lull’s slow response to pressure helps absorb a lot of movement.

    It means that if your partner is someone who moves a lot while sleeping. Lull, make sure the vibrations don’t get to your side of the bed. Memory foam is the best material when it comes to maintaining movement transfer, and Lull has it right on top, making it suppress large-scale movements. So even if your partner is tossing and turning while sleeping, you will not feel any major movement on the other side of the bed.

    Although this trait is not too strong either. It will bother you if a child jumps to the other side of the bed. The mattress cannot take a great deal of discomfort and you will notice these major movements.

    Edge support

    Lull has incredible edge support. Even if you sit on the edge of the bed, you don’t tip over easily. You also sink a bit on the edge. This sag is a perfect balance between being comfortable enough to sit on, not falling off, and getting up easily, without being dragged onto the mattress.

    This advantage allows you to take advantage of every inch that the mattress has to provide. If you sleep on the edge, this bed is a good choice for you, it won’t make you roll over in your sleep.

    Lull is great for multiple sleepers but is the best choice for back and tummy sleepers. I would not recommend Lull for heavy people. It will not be firm enough for you if you have a heavy body and deserve a better sleep than at the Lull. This mattress allows a satisfactory temperature regulation.


    Calm sinks from about 1-3 inches, depending on the position you sleep in. Since weight is generally distributed, those who sleep on their backs and stomachs will sink less than those who sleep on their sides.

    You may find other mattresses, which sag too much, so you lose your body alignment, but Lull’s top layer is soft, which makes your body sag, but at the same time the second layer, which is a bit more rigid, it gives immediate support to your body, preventing it from sinking too much.

    Lull Mattress Price Review-

    THE mattress is sold online. You will have to order it from its official website.


    The Lull, from being purchased online, is delivered to your door via FedEx in a minimum of one to a maximum of four business days. The Pause comes in a box that’s a little smaller than the mini-fridge, reducing packing space by up to 70% and not too heavy to move. Once, you unpack the mattress, place it on your bed, and let it expand to its full potential. It will take about 2 days for the mattress to completely remove the stench from the chemicals.

    Lull mattress price:

    THE Crib mattress comes in various sizes and the cost of the mattress depends on the size of the mattress. You can pay all the money at once, or you can pay it at a monthly price, as low as $ 28. There are six kinds of sizes to choose from. The size also alters the weight of the mattresses.

    Below is the list of sizes and their respective prices:

    1. Single bed- $ 499 or $ 28 / month
    2. Twin XL- $ 549 or $ 31 / month
    3. Full- $ 699 or $ 39 / month
    4. Queen- $ 799 or $ 33 / month
    5. King- $ 999 or $ 42 / month
    6. Cal King- $ 999 or $ 42 / month

    When investing in a mattress you have to be quite generous. Lull, offers genuine discounts and cost reductions. The cost, when compared to other competitors, does not provide a significant difference.

    Things to consider before buying the Lull mattress

    • Judgment:

    Lull allows a 100-day trial day, if you are not satisfied with the product you have purchased, you can return it within these 100 days, starting from the day the product was delivered to your home.

    • Return :

    You can easily return the product if you are not satisfied with it. All Lull asks is that you try the mattress for at least two weeks, as the mattress takes time to adjust to your body. Even after that, you feel dissatisfied, you just have to contact the company. They will ensure a free mattress pickup and also guarantee a full refund.

    • Warranty:

    Mattress Lull offers a 100-day guarantee on its product. You are confident that the mattress you have chosen will provide you with a comfortable and restful sleep for many years to come.

    The Lull not only offers mattresses but has a much greater variety of sleeping products. From pillows, sheets, duvets, protectors, etc. You can browse through these items in the online store and match your new mattress with Lull products. FedEx will deliver these products to you again.

    Pros and cons of the Lull mattress


    • It is a totally streamlined foam mattress that is great value.
    • The foam allows the mattress to be rigid enough to support a person’s posture.
    • A great option for those who sleep on their backs and stomachs, due to the mix of materials it provides.
    • The sag that the bed creates adds the advantage of feeling more comfortable.
    • A multi-layer system balances the pressure of the body, allowing each part of the body to rest comfortably.


    • Calm is not a comfortable option for those who sleep a lot.
    • Side sleepers may feel the need to choose according to their preferences.

    Let’s Compare – Lull Vs Traditional Mattress

    Why should you prefer Lull to a traditional mattress?

    Lull is a one-of-a-kind mattress, it provides a type of comfort not found in traditional mattresses. Traditional mattresses don’t seem to cradle you while you sleep, but Lull allows a person to feel the same way.

    The springs in the traditional mattress can loosen at some point, making the surface uneven and uncomfortable to sleep on. Also, the springs will be positioned evenly based on the mattress, but not based on your body. This will not allow adequate body relaxation. The Lull mattress has evenly distributed layers that cover all parts of your body.


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