Amazon Echo Dot Black Friday Deals 2022: Save Massive on These Smart Devices

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While Black Friday deals are on, Amazon has decided to offer amazing discounts on its Echo smart device range. This article will examine some of the best Echo smart home device deals for 2022’s Amazon’s Early Black Friday Events.

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Amazon Black Friday Deals 2022: Save Massive on These Smart Devices.

Amazon Echo Dot 5 – Was: $51, Now: $30

This fifth-generation model boasts the best performance yet among its model line. Originally priced at $50, now, Alexa devotees can pick one up for just $30. 

Also, purchasing the Echo Dot 5 secures you a single battery base, one Philips Hue lightbulb, an Eero Mesh Wi-Fi router, and an extra 1000 square feet of connectivity.

Amazon Echo Show 8 (1st Generation) – Was: $103, Now: $57

Despite being the older model of everyone’s favorite Echo display, the Echo Show 8 makes an exceptional buy. 

Why? First, the Echo Show 8 still provides some of the best features in Amazon’s smart display devices. 


Second, the Echo Show 8 (2nd Generation) barely features any critical updates to the 1st Generation’s offering. 

 So, opting for the first-generation model may be a wiser choice.

Amazon Echo Show 10 (3rd Generation) – Was: $257, Now: $175

While it may cost more than the 8 and 5-inch Echo Show intelligent display models, we firmly believe that $80 off the Echo Show 10 marks an incredible deal in anyone’s books. 

Shoppers seeking the Echo Show 10 should brace themselves for seamlessly interacting with Alexa’s limitless skills.  

Whether it’s: controlling your other smart home devices, confirming the weather, tuning in to your favorite sports game, making sense of a recipe, or even listening to music and watching the lyrics flow in real time – Amazon’s Echo Show 10 has you covered.


Amazon Echo Dot 3 (3rd Generation) + Fire Tv Stick Bundle – Was: $81, Now: $36

This special bundle offers you the Echo Dot 3 alongside Amazon’s newest Fire Stick (3rd Generation). 

While there’s currently a $40 – $45 discount on each device, purchasing the two devices separately may cost you up to $8 – $13 extra compared to buying them in this bundle. 

You’re technically stealing the Echo Dot 3 for $15.47 and the Fire Stick for $20.65 

Hands down, this makes an excellent deal for a Fire Stick and an Echo.


Amazon Echo (4th Generation) – Was: $103, Now: $51

There’s a reason why Amazon’s Echo (4th Generation) remains revered among other smart home speakers. Apart from boasting an enhanced sound quality, the device’s temperature sensor and intelligent home hub feature make it one of the best early Black Friday deals.  

Shoppers looking for a cheap Alexa-integrated speaker will find an attractive discount in this 50% – off deal.

Can I Qualify For Amazon’s Black Friday Deals Without Prime?

Unlike the ever-so-frequent “Prime Day,” Amazon’s Early Black Friday deals are open to Amazon shoppers of all categories. However, Prime membership entails more perks like Prime Gaming, Amazon Music, and Amazon Prime Video alongside its standard free shipping.

Amazon Prime costs only $15 per month or $140 yearly. 


Whether you find yourself already neck deep inside the Alexa ecosystem or you’re relatively new to the technology of smart home devices, Amazon’s Black Friday bundle is undoubtedly the best place to catch a fantastic deal.


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