Amazon’s New Voice Remote Pro Enhances The Fire TV Experience

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Author: Kevin Richardson

Amazon is taking its voice control capabilities to the next level with its new Voice Remote Pro for Fire TV. This innovative remote features multiple microphones that pick up your voice from almost any angle, allowing you to easily navigate your favorite streaming content. 

If you have multiple Fire TVs in your home, the Voice Remote Pro has you covered with its ability to recognize different voices for more precise control. 

Overview of the Amazon Fire TV Voice Remote Pro

It may not come with Fire TV devices, but the Amazon Alexa Voice Remote Pro is still worthwhile with its incredible features. 

Main Features

The Alexa Voice Remote Pro is compatible with most Amazon Fire TV streaming machines and smart TVs running the Fire TV OS. There are lots of fantastic features available here. You will enjoy all the essentials, such as = settings that let you choose content, go back, and manage volume, just like previous Fire TV remotes. Additionally, there are easy access options for streaming services like Hulu, Netflix, Disney+, and Prime Video.

Specific Buttons

There are some buttons here that are absent from other Alexa remotes. If you have an attached cable box, you gain a channel switcher to control it. The headphone button rapidly connects wireless headphones by navigating to the Bluetooth menu on your device. It’s a really useful addition.

Additionally, there are two digital buttons. These buttons can launch an Alexa command, such as lowering the lights in the living room, opening a live video from your front door, or starting a nighttime routine. You can integrate Alexa without using your voice.


Voice Features

You can also utilize your voice, as the name implies. Although Alexa is completely integrated with the remote, you must push the button to make Alexa active. That means it isn’t constantly listening, which is helpful for privacy-conscious people. 

It would be good to have a hands-free Alexa option, but if you use this with a Fire TV Omni QLED, Echo Cube, or other third-party Fire TV devices, you’ll already have that option.

Remote Finder

Another notable feature is the remote finder, which is very useful. Although it only functions within Bluetooth range, most users still leave the remote in the sitting room. You can request other Alexa devices to help you spot your remote, after which the remote alarm will be triggered to guide you to it. 

You can click a button on the Fire TV app to find the remote. The sound will stop if you push a button when you reach the remote.

Final Words

Amazon has released a new version of its voice remote called the Amazon Fire TV Voice Remote Pro. This device allows users to control their Fire TV using only their voices. Users can also ask Alexa to play music or get information from Wikipedia.



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