Apple AirTag: Never Lose Track of Your Belongings Again

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Never Lose Sight of Your Belongings Ever Again with Apple’s AirTag

Author: Salie Briones

Keeping track of personal belongings can be challenging, especially when we have a lot going on. Good news! Apple, which is one of the giant companies in the world, saw the problem and provided a lasting solution called AirTags. Aside from acting as a key finder, AirTags are designed to find any items no matter where they are. 

What is Apple AirTag? 

AirTag is a tracking device developed by Apple Inc. to enable users to find their items no matter how far or hidden they might be. This device can be inserted or attached to any object including keys, bags, cameras, bikes, and other vital belongings. Aside from its impeccable design, AirTag possesses unique features to suit every users’ need.

Apple AirTag Key Features

  • Accurate and easy to install tracker
  • Directional cues to find your objects easily
  • Ping location from a long distance
  • Long-lasting replaceable battery

Apple AirTag Cons

  • The device gets scratched up easily
  • It can easily be misplaced and that might be a problem if the power is off.
  • It doesn’t have the AR features Apple proclaimed. 

Other Features

Lost Mode

Another excellent feature of the AirTags is when they are in Lost Mode. You can use any Apple device to find it using Apple’s “Find My network” features. The device also allows users to add their contact information in case it is lost and found by someone else. 

Water Resistance

AirTag have IP67 water and dust resistance rating. Thus, they can withstand up to one meter of immersion in water for 30 minutes, under laboratory conditions.

Separation Alerts

This alert is designed to let users know if their AirTag is separated from an attached device. However, this feature only became available to operating systems running on iOS 15.

Stalking Alert

AirTag is built with stalking restrictions. If someone hid an Airtag in your car or belongings, you will get a notification from your iPhone that says “AirTag found moving with you”. But, the location of the AirTag will also be disclosed to its owners. If you don’t have an iPhone to detect unwanted Airtags, you can download “Tracker Detect” on your android device for the same purpose. 

Privacy and Security

An Apple ID can host up to sixteen AirTags, allowing users to track up to 16 items at a time. Kindly note that no one else can track AirTags except for the Apple ID holder. Furthermore, location data and history are not stored on the AirTags. Even the program that relays the location of a lost AirTag is anonymous. Not even Apple can see where AirTags are located due to the end-to-end encryption. 

How it Works

Users can add and manage their AirTags in the Find My app under the Items tab. And similarly to other Apple devices, AirTags are displayed on the map for users to see the devices’ location. Apple also added a U1 chip to ensure the AirTags’ precise location, whether they’re indoors or outdoors (even its last known location if it is not nearby).

How to Set up an Apple AirTag

  1. Remove the wrap around the AirTag and pull out the tab to activate the battery. The AirTag will play a sound.
  2. Hold the AirTag near your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, then tap Connect. If you have multiple AirTags or detected more than one AirTag, move the desired AirTag closer to your device.
  3. Select your item name from the list, or select Custom Name to name your AirTag and choose an emoji. 
  4. Tap Continue to register your AirTag with your Apple ID
  5. Tap Done.

Now you can attach your AirTag to any item and see it in the Find My app.

AirTag Price 

A package of four AirTags costs $99, and a single unit sells for $29. These price points do not include the accessories needed to attach them to an item, Apple sells that separately 

Battery Life

Apple AirTag uses a replaceable CR2032 battery that can last up to a year before needing a replacement. Users can easily change the battery themselves by pressing and twisting the back portion of an AirTag. If the AirTag battery is running low, users will be alerted.


Apple continues to astound the world with its continuous and endless launching of newer and seemingly more advanced products. The AirTag is a gadget some people can’t wait to lay their hands on, especially those that misplace their items often and require a lasting solution. Even though it has some setbacks like the size and easy-to-scratch body, Apple AirTag stands out with many features that suit its purposes.


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