AT&T Delivers the Network Performance Gamers Crave with New NVIDIA GeForce NOW Deal

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Author: Mike Richardson

At the beginning of 2023, AT&T and NVIDIA teamed up to bring gamers a fresh GeForce NOW experience – with a six-month complimentary Ultimate membership!

Gamers can now take their experience to the next level with NVIDIA’s new extension, which brings cloud gaming up to an unprecedented 240 frames per second – exclusively for AT&T network subscribers to stay ahead of the competition with cutting-edge features.

Make Good Use of GeForce NOW

Bringing NVIDIA GeForce NOW deal to 5G customers last year was just the start. Now they’re extending the offer to even more customers. Starting January 19th, both wireless and internet customers can qualify. It’s easy to get in on the deal – check the eligibility details below:

  • If you’re an AT&T 5G customer with an eligible device and a qualifying unlimited 5G rate plan.
  • A new AT&T Fiber customer.

Take advantage of the all-new Ultimate tier with GeForce NOW – the highest-performance membership and experience cloud gaming like never before! Enjoy ultra-low latency, 4K streaming up to 120 FPS, and support for ultrawide monitors – all included in the package!

A Solution for Gamers

Today’s gamers crave flexibility, and with GeForce NOW Ultimate, they can easily pick up from where they left off on their PC on any mobile device, with access to 1,500 titles on the same instruments they already own.

Gamers can also enjoy a seamless, high-octane experience on the go at up to 120 FPS, and this new offer will also upgrade their overall gaming experience. 

Gamers can now enjoy the ultimate NVIDIA RTX cloud gaming experience with lightning-fast server access, lengthy sessions, exquisite resolution, and frame rates like never before!


NVIDIA’s Vice President of GeForce NOW, Phil Eisler, expressed his enthusiasm regarding the new Ultimate membership, calling it a “revolutionary” experience in cloud gaming. With AT&T’s ultra-fast and reliable network, players can expect to take advantage of GeForce RTX 4080-level performance and resolutions, elevating their gaming experience to new heights.

AT&T 5G3 and AT&T Fiber

AT&T 5G3 and AT&T Fiber join forces to provide customers with fast blazing speed, reliability, and experience. No matter where you like to enjoy your game, AT&T has you covered with their wireless and home internet services.

For those who love to game on their phone, 5G connectivity is here to deliver lightning-fast speeds – eliminating latency, jitter, and those pesky ping times!r  

According to Roger Entner, Founder and Principal Analyst of Recon Analytics: It is no surprise that 58% of gamers now opt to play on mobile devices, which could require a broadband connection, as opposed to the 39% who use PCs or the 42% who game on consoles.

As 5G is fully unleashed, Roger predicts that mobile gaming will be more adopted especially the ones that require high speed, impeccable reliability, and instantaneous response times.


AT&T and NVIDIA are committed to creating an ultimate gaming experience for users. Both companies join forces to deliver the best solutions to customers on the network. Their joint vision is to become the top connectivity provider in the United States and offer a seamless experience to all gamers – all thanks to AT&T.


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