Best Shopping Deals: Honey vs. Capital One Shopping

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Honey vs Capital One Shopping

Author: Mac Croxby

Honey and Capital One Shopping are among the most popular online shopping apps with cash reward offers. 

Capital One Shopping gives you direct credits while Honey lets you convert gold points to gift cards. 

Today, we will be reviewing these two applications and comparing their features with each other.

Let’s get started!


Shopping Discounts

Discount is one of the options people seek when shopping. Amazingly, these two apps have it in abundance, they offer users rewards that can’t be gotten via normal purchase. 

App Coverage

Capital One Shopping is limited to the U.S stores, on the other hand, Honey supports Australia, Canada, the UK, and other store locations. This is not a surprise because the company (Honey) is now owned by PayPal which has merchant partners in various regions.

Shopping on Amazon

If you are an Amazon Prime user, then you will know that Honey app is one of the best to use when you are shopping. Honey app gives you the liberty to compare product prices right on your preferred product page. This is a good feature that frees you from decision fatigue and helps you focus on other things. Aside from being able to find a discount price, it provides the most affordable deal through its Amazon Best Price feature. Sadly, Amazon is not a partner store of Capital One Shopping which makes the Honey app the most preferred option in this regard. 

Office supplies

Without applying any discount, voucher, or coupon. Amazon seems to be the abode of office supplies manufacturers. 


You can shop from their bulk office supply store to buy in business quantities. However, using a cash reward application like CapitalOne or Honey gives your more advantages.

Additionally, you can use your CapitalOne points to shop on Amazon and redeem rewards on millions of products. Using CapitalOne features on Amazon is only available on Amazon US, while Honey covers more regions with their features. 

User Privacy

Honey is the winner when it comes to user privacy because it does not share data with third parties. Furthermore, it does not collect PII (Personally Identifiable Information) or any sensitive information.

On the other hand, Capital One emphasizes that financial companies need to share the personal information of their users in order to do business. So it seems they share customer usage data with third parties.


No doubt, user data is needed to improve services, make better offers, or help users find what they are looking for at a discount rate and in no time, however, keeping users’ information private shouldn’t be negotiated. 

Final Words

The point of using Honey or Capital One Shopping is not to find something that you can buy but rather to hunt for the best deal on your essential needs.

When shopping, keep in mind that your goal is to save money on important purchases, and not to score perks or prizes. To shop responsibly, make a list of the items you need to buy and use Honey or Capital One Shopping to check for the best price.

Even though both Honey and Capital One Shopping have their own advantages and shortcomings, you can never be wrong if you use both of them.


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