Binary Options Trading: Nadex Review

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Author: Darry Hope

North American Derivatives Exchange (Nadex), previously known as HedgeStreet, is a US-based binary exchange platform. It has emerged as the leading broker in the US for knock-outs, call spreads, and binary options. 

It provides clients with access to its unique trading platform, which is well-liked by traders in the millennial generation and is also accessible as a mobile app.

A broker and an exchange are vastly different from one another. Nadex does not hold any positions in any of the markets because it connects buyers and sellers. Since most US citizens could only trade through offshore entities—which we never advise doing because of their unreliability and lax regulation—this is a revolutionary trading possibility.

  • Pros and Cons

Nadex is a recognized and trustworthy exchange that is US-regulated. They have an excellent reputation because they allow binary options trading. Their fees are low with access to reliable trading tools.

  • Special Features

The Nadex platform is designed to trade binary options and spreads. As a result, its features are geared toward making those trades easier. Nadex provides free live market information directly from the exchange because it also serves as an exchange and not just a broker. 

You can place orders quickly from price ladder plots and move between picking your markets, chart evaluation, and order placement all on the same screen.

The floor and ceiling levels for the binary options and spread agreements offered by Nadex ensure that you will never lose more money than you have invested. Before you accept the trade, the optimum profit and loss are shown on the order card.

  • Products for Investment

Members from the United States and foreign countries may lawfully trade spreads and binary options on the Nadex exchange, governed by the CFTC. Nadex users can trade call spreads and binary options on stock indexes.

  • Commissions and Fees

Nadex charges fees based on a contract basis and focuses on trading spreads and binary options. Even if you have more than Fifty contracts, there is a simple price structure: $1 US per contract, with a $50 cap as the maximum. One of two methods to get out of a trade is to place a second, opposing trade or let the contract run.

Is Nadex safe or a scam

Chicago-based Nadex is a US business that is subject to CFTC regulation. Nadex is a pioneering company that provides a legal means of trading (spreads and binary options).

Are Users Protected?

Nadex activities are closely supervised and adhere to international safety regulations, with several duties protecting the customer. 


As an exchange service provider, Nadex trades are carried out correctly and conforming to US regulations in a fully collateralized environment free from leveraged risk, margin calls, and debt risk. 

Nadex complies with sound risk management trading methods and strict client money management. All of your cash is maintained in separate accounts with US institutions.

What Makes Nadex Better

  • Numerous tradable markets: Standard assets like stocks, ETFs, and bonds cannot be traded on Nadex. Nonetheless, options contracts can provide you access to many other marketplaces. You can buy and sell binary options on stock indexes, commodities, currencies, and macroeconomic events.
  • Reliable counterparties: complex derivatives are frequently found in unregulated environments. Therefore, many traders shudder when they hear “binary options.” Naturally, this leads to an influx of con artists and fraudsters of all stripes. Clients may feel secure knowing that the CFTC governs Nadex and that it is in the exchange’s most significant interest to promote fair and honest trading.
  • Quality educational tools: The learning center is stocked with high-quality educational resources, which is essential when trading derivatives the general trading public is unfamiliar with. You’ll receive a glossary, lessons, webinars, etc. from the fundamentals to specific trading methods and market observations.

Customer Support

Nadex offers its clients and traders unmatched, trustworthy, and high-level service. You can leave a query or request with the customer support team online or over the phone through Live Chat and a web form.


Nadex’s unique trading platform lets users trade binary options, call spreads, and knock-out trades. It is controlled by the CFTC, a regulatory body that only the most trustworthy brokers are permitted to use. Nadex charges $1 in fees to binary options traders who profit from their trades. It also allows them to close their positions before expiration to protect themselves from significant losses. 


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