Cash App’s New Version Introduces Mobile Check Capture Services

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Author: Aries Smith

Cash App is among the popular financial platforms that offer convenience with transactions and purchases. Besides that, it also eliminates the hassle of handling cash or seeking ATM outlets for last-minute transactions.

In short, the app offers a worry-free and peaceful way to manage money with minimal risk. 

As for the new update, Cash App’s latest version allows you to create clear electronic images at the back and the front of eligible paper checks. Also, you can use the captured information from the Magnetic Ink Character Recognition (MICR) line. You can also take advantage of it for an easier and faster review and process of your Cash App Balance.

The primary purpose of the mobile check is to capture and retain important information quickly. 

How to Use the Mobile Capture Check?

If you wish to utilize the Cash App’s mobile check capture, you need to accept the permission needed. Think of it as common app permission on your electronic device. In particular, the mobile check capture needs access to your device’s camera along with the files, device time, and geolocation information.


Once you have given the mobile check capture permission on your device, you can start utilizing the feature. It is important to know that you must prepare for backup check cashing options when using an electronic check. Not all electronic checks are accepted because of the strict requirements.

With the latest mobile check capture service, you need to keep the original check while waiting for the result of the transaction. In addition, the Cash App contacts users via their email addresses and phone number. With that being said, always check yours if you issue an electronic check for a transaction and purchase. 

Eligibility for Electronic Check 

Undeniably, there are numerous requirements to submit an eligible electronic check in the mobile check capture. Yet, it is worth taking advantage of if it can offer convenience. Here are what you should consider to be able to use the feature efficiently.

  • Your paper check must in your possession
  • Captured check endorsement must say, “For Cash App mobile deposit only.”
  • The check you will submit is payable by a credit union, bank, and other depository institution.
  • The maker of the check has authenticated it.
  • The amount on the check does not exceed the amount you set for your Mobile Check Capture.
  • Your date of the check is in the past. Also, it must be no more than 180 days earlier than the date of your submission on Mobile Check Capture.
  • The check is must previously cash out or deposited. 
  • You are the only one endorsing the check and not someone else. 
  • The check is not previously dishonored.
  • The check follows the requirements and conditions on it.

Interestingly, electronic checks are ideal. They have better security and reliability edge over paper checks. In addition, electronic checks have encryption features that make them secure. If you know the advantages of electronic checks, you will appreciate the Cash App’s mobile check services more.


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