Comcast Business Mobile Expands to 20 Lines; New Shared Data Options Available for Small Businesses

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Author: Anderson Smith

Comcast Business Mobile wants to assist small enterprises by providing flexible data options, countrywide 5G coverage, millions of secure WiFi hotspots, and significant savings.

Comcast Business Mobile users may now choose from unlimited and vast shared data packages for up to twenty total lines per account, according to the company.

Comcast Business

Comcast provides a wide range of Connections, Communications, Internet, Information security, Wireless, and Management Services to assist all types of businesses in preparing for the future. Comcast Business is the nation’s biggest cable supplier to small and mid-size companies and one of the top providers of internet services with 24/7 customer support.

Comcast Business Mobile for Small Business

 Comcast Business Mobile was created to help small and medium-scale enterprises with the services they require to blossom. Small companies seek strategies to enhance production while minimizing expenses more than ever. Data alternative plans allow companies to seek preferable information their team needs while enhancing and providing more network options as their team develops. They will also be able to utilize the power and performance of the most dependable 5G mobile network available. And it’s only accessible to Comcast Business Internet customers, giving them the value they expect.

Comcast Business Mobile Tariff Plans

Comcast Business Mobile now provides clients with even more choices and the ability to save money with additional data options:

  • 20 GB per month 
  • 50 GB per month 
  • 100 GB per month

Switching to Comcast Business Mobile might save qualified companies money on their wireless subscription. Customers can use the Comcast Business Mobile website and Savings Calculator to determine their savings before committing.


Customers may combine and match Comcast Business Mobile’s two data packages over several lines, allowing them to create the ideal plan their business requires. 

  • It would be best for mobile workers with no access to WiFi but need wifi connection. With 20 lines, you may pay as little as $22 per line each month.
  • Also, teams working in environments with more WiFi and less cellular usage, such as workplaces and retail outlets might incredibly benefit from this service. 

Among the “by the Gig” data possibilities are:

  • 1GB = $15/month 20GB = $120/month
  • 3GB = $30/month 50GB = $300/month
  • 10GB = $60/month 100GB = $500/month

How do I connect to Comcast Business?

The company combines best-in-class internet service, the country’s most fabulous WiFi network, and an excellent MVNO alliance to provide a global connectivity experience that surpasses clients’ demands. Comcast Business, with the capacity to extend to up to 20 lines, allows small companies more freedom to stay in contact and optimize value to their business and workers.

Comcast Business Mobile is exclusively for Comcast Business Internet subscribers in all Comcast Business service zones. Visit their page to join Comcast Business Mobile and learn more.

Bottom Line

Customers may select from today’s most popular devices since Comcast Business Mobile is compatible with the top phones and tablets. Customers may also bring their gadgets, and there is no need for a long-term commitment to a wireless platform.


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