Do people prefer to use PayPal over Credit card while paying online?

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Among the most popular online payment options are credit cards and PayPal. Both systems offer a series of advantages and disadvantages and despite the fact that many security measures have been developed over time to protect the buyer from possible fraud, the security they offer is not the same in all cases.

One of the advantages of PayPal is that it does not send credit card or bank account information to sellers. The way Paypal works forces all operations to be carried out through the same platform. This way Paypal becomes an intermediary. In addition, the number of eCommerce that accept PayPal as a payment method is very high, and to top that up, PayPal offers the user great security concerning your personal data.


Paypal has a few downsides too. The most talked-about is that Paypal always has the last word in case of complications in the online purchase. This is also evident in other online payment platforms.

What advantages do credit cards have?

Well, credit cards are accepted by most electronic businesses and are also a very secure means of payment if used correctly(More on this later). 


It does not require that create another account, and also a reversal of funds in the incidence of a disputed transaction can be handled by your bank(Which you can actually walk into).


When we said that credit cards are secure, we would love you to take that with a pinch of salt. Yes, there used to be security but recently, we are having more and more platforms coming up that require just the numbers on the credit for a transaction to go through. This is a double-headed sword. By constantly having to enter your credit card information in many different places, your card information is more exposed to hackers. Also, If the device from which we make the purchase is infected with a virus, it could copy the credit card information, so some external identity verification option is essential.

Which is safer?

As a general rule, if the online purchase is made on a lesser-known website, using PayPal as a means of payment is an interesting option. Not offering personal information to the seller it is a safe option. If the online purchase is made on a well-known website, the credit card may be more convenient, especially if the website has an SSL certificate. The buyer should also activate other security options such as verification via code sent by SMS to the mobile after making the purchase. With this option active, the credit card becomes a very secure payment system.

Another option is to request a debit card and use it exclusively for online purchases, adding funds when necessary. If the SSL certificate of the website is verified and the external verification options are activated, this mode becomes the most secure option of all.


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