Do you have a Zelle account? Here’s Why You Need One!

(Download it now to collect more $$$ from friends and family)

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Is there an easier way to send money to your friends and family? Yes, there is a way!

Introducing Zelle. It’s a fast and easy way to send money within minutes using only an email address or phone number.

This guide will show you how Zelle works and why you need a Zelle account. So keep reading!

What is Zelle

Zelle is a digital payment service that makes it easy to receive and send money to your friends and family in America.

The Zelle platform is associated with over 30 U.S banks, including major banks like Wells Fargo, Bank of America, Chase, etc.

How Does Zelle Work

Zelle makes it simple to make payments directly from your bank account to another account. Also, Zelle does not charge transaction fees.


How To Use Zelle

You can start using Zelle by following the three easy steps below:

STEP 1: Acess Zelle

You can access Zelle from either your mobile banking app or from the Zelle app. But your bank must support Zelle if you choose to use your mobile banking app.

STEP 2: Choose A Person You Trust

Sending money on Zelle is as easy as entering the person’s phone number or email address from your Zelle app or bank app. However, remember to spell the email and phone number correctly. You can send money to any bank account but only in the U.S.

Ensure you trust the recipient you’re sending money to, because, Zelle transactions cannot be canceled after you send them.

STEP 3: Choose the amount and send

Finally, you need to enter the amount and send the money. The transactions take only a few minutes.

If the person you’re sending money doesn’t have a Zelle account, they will receive a notification with instructions on how to receive the money.


Is Zelle Safe

Zelle is regarded as a safe method to transact money because it doesn’t require sensitive banking information.

Sadly, Zelle doesn’t offer payment protection, making it crucial for you to know and trust the person or small business you wish to send money to.

You shouldn’t use Zelle to shop online and never send money to people you don’t know or trust. Remember that you cannot cancel a Zelle transaction after it has been sent.

In a situation where your Zelle account is hacked or money has been transferred without your authorization, contact your financial institution and report the fraud.

Zelle provides more information about scams and frauds on its website, you can check it out.


Pros of Zelle

No transaction fees

Sending and receiving money on Zelle is completely free. This means there are no transaction fees attached.

However, ensure to check with your credit union or bank to see if they charge any additional fees for transactions.

Fast money transfer

Transactions on Zelle are almost instant. They take only a few minutes, meaning you can quickly send or collect your money if you have an existing account.

Compatible with different banks and credit unions

Zelle can be used with a wide range of banks ad credit unions across America. You can use the Zelle app if your bank doesn’t support Zelle.

Cons of Zelle

Can’t be Used for International Transactions

Zelle can only be used in the U.S which makes it c


Zelle cannot be linked to a credit card. This means that you can only use web/mobile software or a bank to make transactions.


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