Elon Musk meets with Apple’s Tim Cook, says misunderstanding is ‘resolved’

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After an argument on twitter’s iOS App, Tim Cook and Elon Musk appear to be on good terms. Musk who previously stated that Cook threatened to suspend Twitter from the app store, said he and Tim Cook had a nice talk at Apple’s head office, and their misunderstanding is resolved.

What Was the Misunderstanding Between Elon Musk and Tim Cook?

Musk, the CEO of Twitter, claimed in a slew of tweets that Apple was undermining his social media site by reducing advertising. He also claimed that Apple had threatened to ban Twitter from its App Store.

Musk also criticized Apple’s 30% fee, which it levies on some developers for the majority of payments received via its App Store. Additionally, Musk charged that Apple was monopolizing the industry and questioned Cook on Twitter about if Apple was against free speech.

On Monday, additional developers joined Tim Sweeney, CEO of Epic Games, Daniel Ek, CEO of Spotify, and Musk in criticizing Apple. Musk received no response from Cook on Twitter. Outside of regular US business hours, Insider emailed Twitter and Apple for comments, but neither company responded right away.


Twitter wouldn’t be subject to Apple’s 30% app store fees. The platformer report issued on Tuesday revealed that the social media site had no plans to make its verified subscription available as an in-app payment. Musk’s proposals to charge users of Twitter $8 monthly for its verification service may be affected by the costs imposed by the tech giant.

According to experts, Apple may find a justification to remove Twitter from the App Store, but it would probably decide against doing so due to antitrust concerns.

How Did the Two Resolve Their Differences?

According to Reuters, the meeting was “constructive” and the two have resolved their differences.


Elon Musk, the founder of Twitter, said he spoke with Apple CEO Tim Cook and settled the misunderstanding. 

We cleared up the confusion on Twitter possibly being taken off the App Store, along with other things, Musk tweeted. Tim stated unequivocally that Apple never gave the idea any thought.

In addition, Musk tweeted a video of “Apple’s magnificent HQ” in Cupertino, California, along with the comment that he and Cook had a nice talk. 

Requests for a response from AFP were unanswered by Apple. Musk started a war of words with the most valuable corporation on earth. The war was about charges and policies of the App Store, claiming Apple had threatened to remove his freshly bought social media site from the market.

Cook was clear that Apple never considered removing Twitter from the App Store,

According to Musk, the misunderstanding between the two technology giants has been resolved. He also mentioned that Cook was clear that Apple never considered removing Twitter from the App Store.

Hopefully, this is true, and the two companies can continue to work together for the betterment of all. After all, they are both in the business of innovation and could learn a lot from each other.


It seems like the misunderstanding between Elon Musk and Tim Cook has been resolved. It’s good to see that the two leaders of such large companies can put their differences aside and work together. We can only hope that this sets a precedent for future collaborations between other companies.


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