Everything you need to know about the Daily Goodie Box Program

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Daily Goodie Box is as the name suggests – you get goodies but the catch is the word Daily. It is not that every day you get free goodies but it refers to the fact that the company sends out goodies daily. For free – no credit card required. But it is not easy to get one and if you do, it is like winning a raffle. You have to be at the right place at the perfect time to get selected for the box. The boxes are quite fun if you have the good fortune to get one delivered to your doorstep.

How Does Daily Goodie Box work?

Daily Goodie Box is a free sampling program where you try out new products that may range from snacks to household products and more. In exchange, you have to give your honest feedback on them. Brands donate products to Daily Goodie Box, generally their new or re-launched products, and in return, they get to reach new consumers and get their opinions and feedback.
The review process is not a long-drawn affair and takes about 5 minutes per item on the Daily Goodie Box website. The items received have to be rated, a short review has to be written, and a few quick questions answered. Reviewing the items is voluntary and there is no compulsion to do so. If you don’t, a few reminder emails will be sent to you, that’s all. But then, you will be disqualified from receiving any more Daily Goodie Box in the future. Sparing a few minutes to share your thoughts is also a nice way to thank the brands for sending their products.

Signing up for Daily Goodie Box

There are several steps to follow to be eligible for a goodie box.
• Sign up: You have to first sign up on their website which is a fairly simple and straightforward process. While the site says that you are eligible for a box when you register on the site, it is not entirely so.
• Follow them on social media: To get a box, follow Daily Goodie Box on their social media accounts Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Regularly engage with the company by commenting on their posts, following their threads, and replying to people randomly on their profiles. Suddenly one day, you might find a message informing you that you have just won a goodie box.

Based on this system, they give away hundreds of boxes every day and many common threads have multiple winners.


Is Daily Goodie Box Legit?

Yes, Daily Goodie Box is legit and members of their team communicate via email with recipients in a professional and friendly way. Personal information asked for is restricted to name, address, email, and opinions and reviews about the products received. The company never asks for personal financial details and bank and credit card details are not required at any stage.

Summing up the Review

The boxes have quality products that arrive in good condition. Expiration dates, wherever applicable, stretch far out into the future. Most brands are recognizable and the products reputable.


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