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Did you know that Amazon has special deals and discounts freely accessible every day for all shoppers to enjoy? Shoppers save dollars with, yet many shoppers are unaware of how much they could get for free. Continue reading to learn about all the freebies you never knew you might get on Amazon, including products you can access at a discount price.

Free Shipping

Although it may appear obvious, the advantages of free two-day shipment cannot be exaggerated. Amazon offers free shipping for qualified products if your purchase is up to 25 USD. Any product labeled free delivery with fulfilled and shipped by Amazon adds to your free delivery minimum purchase.

With Amazon, you receive unlimited Two-Day Delivery on eligible products with no minimum purchase. 

A Gift Card Is Available For Your Old Stuff.

Are you in need of a home spring cleaning? By using the Amazon-Trade-In program, you can convert electronics and other items you don’t use into Amazon gift vouchers. 

Free Goods In Exchange For Reviews

Reading Amazon reviews is indeed one of the best parts. However, there is a way to be compensated with products for leaving a review. CashBackBase allows top-tier reviewers to earn points that can be swapped for extremely low-cost or even free Amazon items.


Free Cloud Storage

You can get 5GB of free extra storage on Amazon Drive if you’re an Amazon prime member. You can confidently back up all of your images and videos, and the best part is that you won’t have to pay for it. You can also opt for a photo gallery option. 

Free $10 Gift Card For Using Amazon Reload

 Amazon Cash is a new feature similar to Apple Pay. With this program, every new signup gets a complimentary $10 Giftcard when they deposit just $40 into their account. The $10 gift card can be used at various retail outlets such as 7-11. 

Open-Box Items

High-quality used products such as laptops, televisions, tablets, cameras, auto components, and home renovation items are available at discounts on amazon. Don’t overlook Amazon Warehouse; it provides substantial discount coupons on open-box items.

Beauty And Food Samples

Why purchase an entire bottle of something you’ll despise? Amazon’s Sample Box initiative allows you to test before buying by providing free mini-sized varieties of products such as lotions, sweets, and other things. You must pay a flat amount for the carton, but any amount paid in advance will be added to your main purchase

Free Books

Do you enjoy reading but haven’t had time to visit a public library? You’re in for a treat. You don’t need a Kindle to peruse the dozens of free books available on Amazon (access books via the Kindle app on your tablet or phone). Through the Amazon Earliest Reads initiative, Prime members will have access to one new release book for free. Shop for eBooks on Amazon and get up to 80% discount while saving big on video games, digital software, and other items.


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