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Check out here the amazing ways to score free things without much effort on Amazon

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Author: Aries Smith

Does getting free stuff fascinates you? There are great and free items waiting for you on Amazon. 

Amazon is one of the biggest online retailers that offer almost anything you can think of for sale. Besides that, it is an online marketplace where countless vendors list their products for sale. 

Some vendors offer their products and services for free to promote their brand or in exchange for customers’ data. 

Below are some of the products and services you can find for free on Amazon. 

  • Free Cloud Storage

As an Amazon customer, you can gain exclusive access to free Amazon Drive (cloud storage). With this offer, you can up to 5GB for storing your most important files, photos, and videos. 

If you are searching for a secure way to upload your most valuable files, this might be the service you need. It is 100% free.

  • Free Audible Audiobooks

Amazon audible audiobooks are not completely free, however, you can sign up for a 30-day free trial. By that, you can have access to all the app features. That is not all, you will have access to 1-2 free books even if you didn’t opt for their membership. Nevertheless, you can pay for their membership if you find the free version fascinating. 

  • Free Music

Without spending a penny, you can listen to countless songs on Amazon. To access this service, access the free song page here. You can listen and download countless music without an Amazon prime membership.

  • Kindle eBooks

If you are a book lover, getting free access to Amazon’s Kindle books is great news. You will not get a hard copy, but you will be able to read them through eBooks. You only need to go to the Kindle Store and look for the free books you wish to read. 

  • Amazon Prime free trial

Amazon Prime membership has a lot of benefits. However, it is not inexpensive. Well, if you do not have any subscriptions for over a year, you are qualified for a 30-day trial on Amazon Prime. There’s no reason not to opt for it since you can enjoy outstanding benefits, such as free shipping, access to Amazon Photos, Prime Reading, and many more. 

  • $10 Gift Card with Amazon cash

If you are not yet an Amazon customer, you are missing out on so many benefits. You can get a $10 gift card for your first purchase when you add $50 to your Amazon Cash account. 


You can take advantage of sales deals available in Amazon stores, especially for products you don’t need to pay anything to get. Moving forward, you can discover more free items that are available on Amazon here


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