GoodBudget Honest Review

Learn how to budget efficiently with the help of a simple app

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Author: Aries Smith

Are you getting frustrated in budgeting your money using the traditional method? Good news! You can enjoy an innovative way to budget using mobile applications. 

Today, we will be reviewing Goodbudget to know if it’s good or not. Good Budget is a mobile app for budgeting. Even though it features a virtual service, the probability of risk is low. One of its primary purposes is to control and track finances. Hence, eradicating the stress of manual recordings

How Does Goodbudget Work? 

Goodbudget is an easily accessible budgeting service that is available as an application and accessible via web browsers alike. You can download its app for free on your devices from the Google Play Store, App Store, or IOS. To use the Goodbudget service, you must signup with a valid email address and password. 

The application allows you to keep your expenses at a minimum. All you need to do is set the maximum amount you want to spend and the Goodbudget app will handle the rest. 


Besides that, it allows users to keep track of their savings. Interestingly, finance reports are often presented in colorful graphs for easier interpretation. 

Unfortunately, the Goodbudget app is not perfectly developed. Therefore, you may need to update it frequently. Furthermore, the app might feel like a hassle because it can’t sync with bank accounts. 

See other features and shortcomings you should be aware of below:  

  • Affordability

The Goodbudget application offers trials for new users. You can decide to subscribe to the premium version if you find the free trial fascinating. Amazingly, its paid version is more affordable than most of the budget applications out there. 

  • Easy to Use 

Goodbudget allows you to figure out your transactions in no time. The application is straightforward and can be operated by a complete tech newbie. Also, it presents regular reports and graphs to give you a clear view of your finance.

  • Allows you to Import Bank Transaction Files

You can import your account statement into the app. However, it can’t sync bank applications. Importing bank statements into the application ensures accurate numbers and keeps you safe from expensive mistakes

  • It Works on Multiple Devices

Once again, Goodbudget is a versatile app that works on Android and iOS devices. The app allows its users to be versatile when it comes to keeping track of their finances. You can check and track your budget using any preferred means; either application or web browsers. 

Goodbudget Application Cons

  • Limited Features

If you are looking for a budget application with several features, Goodbudget may not be the best option for you. The application is less sophisticated with no financial education, credit score monitoring, or net worth. 

  • Manual Logging of Expenses

Even though you can enjoy a classic service with the app, the process of getting it is where the real struggle is. You need to input your every purchase and expense manually. If you forget to log your expenses, you will not get an accurate financial status report. 


From all the relevant information above, it is undeniable that Goodbudget can be helpful for beginners who want to try learning how to budget. The app doesn’t have an automated input process or bank synchronization. If you want an app that does it all, Goodbudget may not be the app for you. Nevertheless, it has an easy-to-use interface and it’s super easier for budget app beginners. 


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