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Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Deals

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Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. unveiled its latest trio of smartphones from its Galaxy Lineup earlier this year. The Galaxy S22 and the S21 series

These devices are the premium flagship phones of Samsung, so it is understandable that they also come with a premium price tag. 

If you are looking to grab one of these phones, then you are in luck because we have compiled a list of deals currently offered by retailers, carriers, and Samsung. 

Target: $100 off the Galaxy S22 

Target is currently offering the Galaxy S22 model at a $100 discount at just $699. For the savings, you’re still getting the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 device, Dynamic AMOLED 120Hz display, and one of the sleekest phone designs on the market.

Amazon: 100$ off the Galaxy S22 Plus Expedited Shipping

Like Target, Amazon is also offering a $100 discount on the Galaxy S22 models. Prime members are also eligible for faster shipping with the device expected to be delivered within 2 days upon order. You can also save $80 on a pair of Galaxy Buds2 if you buy them with the phone.

Best Buy: 50$ off on all Galaxy S22 models

Best Buy is currently offering a $50 discount on all S22 models with qualified activations on Verizon, AT&T, or T-Mobile. They are also offering trade-in discounts for up to $700 on eligible devices.


Verizon: Get up to $1,000 with Trade-in and a plan

Verizon is offering a pair of deals for existing and prospective customers.

  • Switcher offer: You can get up to $1,000 off, on the Galaxy S22 model if you trade in a qualifying device (old or broken).
  • BOGO offer:  Buy an S22 or S22+ handset, and Verizon will cover the cost (up to $800) of a second unit provided that you either add a new line or switch to a select 5G Unlimited plan. 

T-Mobile: Get up to $1,000 with Trade-in and a plan

T-Mobile is currently offering multiple promotions that extend to the new Samsung Galaxy S22 series:

  • Trade-in offer: You can get the Galaxy S22 or S22+ for free (or up to $1,000 off the S22 Ultra) via 24 monthly bill credits when you trade in a qualifying device on a Magenta MAX and open up a new line.
  • Existing subscribers can still get 50% off on the S22 phones applied as 24 monthly bill credits upon trade-in of an eligible device.
  • BOGO offer: Purchase a Galaxy S22 and get up to $800 off on your next S22 model. which will be applied via 24 monthly bill credits with a new line.

AT&T: Get up to $800 off the Galaxy S22 by Trading any Galaxy device.

If you own a Samsung Galaxy device, you are in for a sweet deal. New and existing customers can get up to $800 off any Samsung Galaxy S22 model when trading in any Samsung Galaxy Note, S, or Z model in any condition, as long as you are under a qualifying installment plan. 

Samsung: Get up to $850 with a Qualifying Trade-in

If you are looking to upgrade your existing device without adding a new line, then you may opt to trade in your old device through Samsung. You can save up to $850 with their enhanced trade-in program. The trade-in list includes both newer and older devices from Samsung and different brands. 

Can I get a New Samsung Galaxy S22 for Free?

It is possible to get the device for free under carrier-specific promotions. The catch is that most of these offers require you to enter a 2- or 3-year contract and be enrolled in a specific data subscription. 


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