Guide To Earn More Cash Back On Your Purchases

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Author: Charles Kenny

Usually, you can gain cashback from checking out with a credit card on every purchase. Most credit card issuers offer a tempting percentage of cash back on each qualifying purchase as a way to attract people to get one. The best perk is that purchases can earn rewards. If you regularly use your credit card, you can earn rewards on every dollar you spend. But that still depends on your purchase because categories are followed to determine the cash back. 

Technically speaking, cashback is an interesting reward program where buyers like you can benefit from a return percentage of each qualified purchase. 

It is like a dream that you can earn back—even a little—from buying what you want and need. A way to make your money worth it. What’s great about cashback is that it is not just limited to credit cards. 

Here are the other means that you can earn cashback from your purchases: 

Loyalty cards

Loyalty cards are another way to earn big cash back from every qualifying purchase. Based on reports, a huge percentage of buyers keep loyalty cards. So, if you are a regular shopper in a shop that offers a loyalty card scheme, it makes sense that you take advantage of the offer. That way, you can feel happier when shopping since you know you are getting more in return. Usually, loyalty cards use a pointing system for cashback that can be redeemed. 

Cashback websites 

A huge percentage of shops have cash-back websites. Through that, you can earn money as you shop. While the amount of cashback varies, it is usually higher if you are a first-time buyer. You can link your credit card to conveniently earn cash back while you shop. Generally, you can get the cashback paid into a PayPal account, or a bank account or redeem it as a gift card.


Common cash back categories for credit cards 

Here are the different categories of cash back for credit cards you can get:

Flat-rate cash-back cards

It doesn’t matter where or what you buy with the flat-rate cash-back cards. The cash-back percentage remains the same on every qualifying purchase. In short, there is just one specific standard for the cashback percentage you can earn. 

Bonus Category Cash Back Cards

Bonus category cash back cards apply to most credit cards that provide a more increased rate of cash back on certain purchases. Typically, the rate of cashback is between 2-3 percent on particular purchases in certain categories, such as groceries and travel. 

Rotating category cash back cards

Frankly, rotating category cash back cards are a little more complicated because these credit cards also offer higher cash back percentages on certain categories of purchases. What’s unique is that the purchase categories that will give you higher cash back rotate and change. Hence, you need to be strategic about what you buy if you have this type of credit card because some purchases may not qualify for higher cash back. 


A beneficial way to earn extra cash based on purchases is to sign up with a cash-back rewards credit card. If you want to be a major cash-back beneficiary, you can take advantage of a cash-back website or app to effectively find the best deals on goods while also getting a percentage of your money back. You will be able to grab the must-have deals while earning more in return at the same time—that’s a worthy deal that you shouldn’t miss. 


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