Have You Received Your Daily Goodie Box?

Do you love to receive free stuff? This is how to claim free items.

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Author: Aries Smith

Free stuff? it always sounds too good to be true, and you will surely think about what the catch might be. Most of the time, the free stuff promised is not entirely free, but it is legit with Daily Goodie Box. 

If you are among the Daily Goodie Box members, followers, and a resident of the United States, you have the chance to receive free essential products. In return, you need to provide honest feedback on the free items. Let’s explore how the Daily Goodie Box to know if it is worth the time or not. 

How Does the Daily Goodie Box Work?

Daily Goodie Box gifts its members loads of essential products, such as snacks and household items in exchange for honest feedback on the product received. 

Daily Goodie Box is sponsored by brands that appreciate honest reviews. The feedback are often used to know what potential and existing customers think about their products and how they can serve them better. With this program, you can get new product samples in categories like beauty, and health, without spending a dime. 

Here’s how to receive free stuff from the Daily Goodie Box site

Sign up 


The first step is to sign up. Signing up is easy and quick — you won see no weird upsells, and you are not required to share your credit card information. Visit the Daily Good Box official website and fill in the required details. Unfortunately, the program is strictly for the people living in the United States. 

Follow all social media accounts of Daily Goodie Box

To set things right, not all members of Daily Goodie Box will receive freebies. Besides registering on the site, you need to follow the Daily Goodie Box’s social media accounts to stand a higher chance of being picked. 

Receive a Box of Free items

Being a Daily Goodie Box member, you might be lucky to win some random freebies. Furthermore, you will not be required to provide your credit card information or any payment details.

The Goodie Boxes always come with food, beauty, and health items. In addition, the box can contain full-sized products or a mix of full-sized products and other sample-sized items. 

Sharing your honest feedback on the site

After you have tried out the free stuff, the next thing to do is to share your honest feedback on the site. After that, the Daily Goodie Box collects the reviews and sends them to the brand or manufacturer that provided the items. To be clear, providing a review is not mandatory. However, it may hinder you from being selected for another pack. 


  • The site’s feedback process is simple and quick.
  • Daily Goodie Box contains a mix of full-sized products and sample-sized items. 
  • There is always a generous amount of free stuff in the box.
  • Completely free program that does not require shipping free, credit card information, or other payments. 
  • The site is mobile-friendly.


  • The site has a lot of ads. 
  • There is no earning opportunity.
  • There is no standard way to win a free box — it is all about the luck of the draw.
  • You will receive only three categories of products.
  • Limited to the residents of the USA.  


Sadly, there is no effective and guaranteed way to receive a Daily Goodie Box. Regardless, the site is not a scam. If you don’t mind interacting with the site’s social media accounts and being an active member of their community, you stand a chance of receiving the goodie box someday. 


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