Honey Application Review – 2022

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Author: Mac Croxby

Coupons and sales deals are some of the fascinating ways to save money while shopping online. If you are a shopaholic, Honey can make your life sweeter with their never seen before deals. 

Honey Application

Honey is a free browser extension that allows users to get discount deals, coupons, and several incentives on their favorite shopping website with just a click.

Honey makes it easy for anyone to install its browser extension or app so that it can be on the lookout even when you forget it. This application offers a shopping-oriented browser extension that automatically gives a discount and cashback to the buyer.

Two years ago, the payment behemoth, PayPal, acquired Honey and made it one of the best advertising options, most especially for e-commerce businesses. This put Honey in a global spot. making users trust its service even more. 


How can I get the Honey App?

It’s quite easy to get a taste of Honey, here are the various ways you can get started on your phone or computer:

  • Chrome Browser

If you are using Chrome on Mac or Windows, go to the Chrome Web Store and search for Honey or use this link to download the extension, then Add to chrome > Add extension. Don’t forget to pin Honey to the toolbar.

  • Safari Browser

Here’s the link to the Honey for Safari app. Take note that there is also a Honey iOS app, but both work just fine.

If you are using a Mac, you need Mac OS 10.14.4 (Mojave) or newer to access Honey. You can check out this link too. <https://apps.apple.com/us/app/honey-for-safari/>

  • Firefox Browser

Honey has a Mozilla Firefox add-on too! Here’s the link.

  • Opera Browser

Open this link, then Add to Opera > Install. It works for both Windows and Mac.

  • Edge Browser

 Download Honey extension here on Microsoft Edge. Click Install > Launch > Turn it on.

  • Android

Check out the Google Play Store to download the app on your android devices.

  • iOS

Get the Honey app on the App Store. It is available for download to iPhones or iPads.

To enjoy and become a beneficiary of Honey services, you need to download Honey, install it, and start window shopping. Honey’s freebies are great. given that an average user saves up to $126 a year

As great as the platform is, it has a couple of cons that are important to consider before using its serice. They are: 

  • Customer support is not topnotch
  • Coupons are limited
  • The discount codes are not transparent
  • Many discounts offered are already expired – some as far back as 2015 – which can be a little worrisome.
  • Software Crashing problems.

Final Thoughts

Honey application is an incredible app almost every online shopper can benefit from. The company has over 17 million users and still counting which makes it a platform to reckon with. Nevertheless, they have a couple of cons that should be taken into consideration. Read this article to finalize if the Honey app is a good choice for you. 


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