How to get free stuff on Amazon!

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Amazon is undoubtedly the most visited online store. It arguably sells the most products. But did you know that you can get many of these products for free? A worst-case scenario would be you paying less if you go for these kinds of offers. Sit-tight, let us walk you through how you can set some products on Amazon without having to leave a big hole in your pocket.

Many people are dedicated to getting free products on Amazon. Companies offer to send out their products for free. Sellers only ask for one thing in return, A review(Most likely a good one) about the product must be left on the product page. So stuff a few photos in there, say something nice, a five-star rating, you get the idea.

What do companies gain by giving away their products?

Hundreds of stores sell on Amazon, but for your products to have many sales they have to appear on the first page of searches. That’s the catch, stores offer Amazon users products for free to receive the best ratings on those products. When that product receives a good positive rating, Amazon raises it in its position ranking, so the more 5-star scores, the better the positioning of the product in question.

Being on the first page, that product ends up receiving more sales and the stores recover the money invested in giving them away. If a store manages to place its item in the first positions of the Amazon listings, it can multiply the sales of that product by a lot and obtain huge profits.


In some cases, the products are not free and they offer us to buy them with great discounts. Surprisingly, these discounts can go as high as 99%.

Products that we can get for free!

We cannot choose the product that we like the most, it all depends on what product a store wants to promote. Among them, we can find many Chinese brands that offer vacuum cleaners, mobile phones, household appliances, furniture, and much more.

How do you get them?

There are several ways to get these products. We are going to recommend the Amazon groups since they are usually quite up-to-date and it is easy to follow their news.

Subscribe to a few of these groups, then wait for a store representative to request reviews for their products. Normally, they will publish a product and ask users from one or more countries to leave reviews. We just have to send them a private message on Facebook offering ourselves for the review and wait for their response.

If we are lucky that they accept us, or they give us a gift voucher with which to buy the product, a discount or we have to buy it ourselves so that later they pay us the money when we do the review. If we already have confidence in the seller, we can agree on the conditions that best suit both of us.


How to make a review

We already have the product in our house and now we have to go to its file on Amazon to leave our review.

Almost all sellers require that a text of at least 200 words should be written. The text would have to be a positive review of the product. Also, you would need to add at least 2 pictures of the product to the mix. The 5 stars in the score are essential since without them, what we write is worth nothing.

After this, we give it to send and in minutes it will appear published in the product file on Amazon. We contact the seller and that’s it. Work done.

If Amazon distrusts your review, it can be quarantined, so we must be very careful and be as natural as possible if we do not want to be discovered and prevented from leaving comments.


So What are the dangers, are there any?

The biggest danger of doing this type of review to get free products is that we can find a seller who is not entirely legal in his intentions.

If we are going to pay for the product first and then the seller returns the money when he sees the review, we must make sure that the seller is trustworthy. 

Some people pretend to be a seller and offer you a product for you to buy. In reality, he is not a seller, simply when you make the purchase he takes a commission for the sale, and rest assured that he will not pay you for what you bought.

For this reason, it is better to be vigilant and buy from sellers who have a certain reputation with various products offered in recent weeks.


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