Intel Arc GPU Roadmap Leaked: Two Battlemage GPUs Coming In 2024

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Earlier this month, RedGamingTech, a popular video game, and tech Youtube channel published a set of slides claiming them to be the Intel Arc’s GPU roadmap. 

According to their report, the slides reveal the tech company’s plans concerning its next family of GPUs, Battlemage, and other release expectations through 2024 Q3. 

This post looks at the recently leaked Intel GPU roadmap, its details, the legitimacy of the reveal, and possible doubt points against the credibility of its contents.  

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Intel Arc GPU Roadmap Leaked: Two Battlemage GPUs Coming In 2024

Intel’s GPU Roadmap 

Two freshly released slides claim to reveal Intel’s Arc GPU roadmap and company plans concerning the pre-announced Battlemage family of graphic processors. 

If the slides are legitimate, we should expect the tech manufacturer to base its subsequent desktop graphic processors family on its newly-developed next-gen Xe2-HPG microarchitecture, with a design focus on satisfying two distinct levels of performance expectations.   

The Arc Battlemage lineup is set to resemble Intel’s Alchemist family. It still retains two GPUs – BMG-G21 and BMG-G10 – each targeting <150W and <225W power envelopes, respectively. Noteworthily, Intel could target the enthusiast-grade market segment this time. 

What To Expect From The New Intel GPUs  

According to the report, Intel will roll out the high-end BMG-G10 in the second quarter of 2024, following it up with its performance-conscious BMG-G21 in the latter half of the same quarter. That said, tech analysts expect both GPUs to rank among the best once released. 

The Battlemage GPUs power targets align with Intel’s recently announced plan to design fast yet low-power graphic cards instead of competing with the ultra-high-end market segments that Nvidia and AMD occupy. 


To engage both performance and enthusiast market segments, the company will carry out a significant redesign of its Xe2-HPG microarchitecture.  

From the limited information available, we expect the new microarchitecture to support a high-power memory system with compression technology support, offer enhanced ray tracing performance, and work on new machine-learning rendering technologies. However, kindly note that these are only speculations.

How Honest Is This Leak?

At this point, we should take the report with a bit of suspicion as we can’t yet verify the legitimacy of the slides. Besides that, the slides’ dates likely precede Intel’s U.S. launch of the Arc Alchemist graphic card lineup. With that in mind, many plans and developments will probably change in the previous six months.

RedGamingTech’s slides also claim to disclose information about Intel’s plans running through Q3 2024. However, the reports are dated Q3 2022, which could be a vote for its unreliability as tech plans tend to change frequently. 


Another vote of doubt is that the slides indicate plans for Intel to introduce a replacement to the Arc Alchemist lineup with its new Alchemist+ graphic processors, the ACM+ G21 and ACM+ G20, during the latter half of 2023.  

That makes little sense as Nvidia and AMD will likely introduce their next-gen high-end GPUs, which will outperform the Arc Alchemist lineup, and financing millions of dollars to create a refreshed Alchemist lineup could be an unwise business position given the tech market’s nature.

Final Thoughts 

Whether valid or not, the released slides give us a glimpse of Intel Arc’s Battlemage intentions and plans for a possible GPU revamp through 2024.

Until Intel confirms these declarations, we can’t know whether it plans to introduce these plans at these times or whether or not there’s been a change in plans. Hopefully, as time goes on, we’ll see Intel re-iterate its chip-making prowess with the subsequent Arc lineups and reintroduce its standing in the dedicated graphics card space.


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