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It’s that time of year again, coffee lovers! October 1 is International Coffee Day, a holiday established by the International Coffee Organization in 2014 to honor coffee enthusiasts worldwide.

Coffee is the most popular beverage in the United States, from cappuccinos to expressos. According to the National Coffee Association USA, Americans drink 491 million cups of coffee per day.

If you want to save money on your favorite cup of coffee or have been eyeing a new coffee or expresso machine, now is the best time to get one. Check out these companies for free or discounted holiday items – some deals are only available until October 5.

Best coffee deals

We’ve compiled a list of places to save money on your next favorite cup of coffee. They are as follows:

  • Ikea

Until October 4, Ikea is giving a 20% discount on its entire coffee collection at the Swedish food market. In addition, the furniture store regularly provides free coffee to participants in its “IKEA Family Program.”

  • Wendy’s

Through Wendy’s mobile app, customers can get a free coffee with any purchase until October 5.

  • Starbucks

If a Starbucks rewards member brings in a spotless, reusable cup for their beverage, they can receive 25 stars. Additionally, their order will cost them 10 cents less in honor of International Coffee Day.

Best coffee bean deals

Want to get your hands on some of the best coffee bean deals on International Coffee Day? Then continue reading.

  • Bean Box subscription

For a free 12-ounce bag of beans with any purchase, enter the code “FREECOFFEE.” You can enjoy the most delicate, most delicious cups of coffee from top roasters thanks to Bean Box, which selects and delivers roasted coffee beans across the US. You can choose your preferred flavor, including decaf, when you subscribe or allow the Bean Box curators to choose your beans.

  • Partners Coffee

Single-origin beans are unblended coffee beans. These coffee beans are grown in a single location and roasted together, giving you some fascinating and distinctive flavors that might be lost when beans from different areas are combined. Typically more costly than blended coffee beans, you can purchase the single-origin beans at around the same amount when you take advantage of Partner’s Coffee’s 15% discount. If you have been interested in single-origin beans, this is a terrific time to do it.

  • Atlas coffee club

Customers may obtain a free 12-ounce bag of single-origin coffee beans with the purchase of a subscription through October 3 by using the promo code “ATLASCOFFEEDAY22.”

Best Coffee Maker Deals

These are the best coffee maker discounts we could find online. Avoid stress by purchasing a new coffee maker from our list.

  • Breville barista espresso machine

This excellent all-around espresso machine has all the functions you could need. Do you need a steam wand for scrumptious lattes? Or an integrated burr grinder? The Breville barista express espresso machine got you covered. Add water to the reservoir, crush and tamp your coffee beans, then press a button to draw a shot. This coffee machine is available on Amazon for 20% less.

  • Cafe Affetto espresso machine

You should try the Affetto coffee maker if you enjoy espresso makers a lot. There is something quite exciting about hitting a button and watching an expresso shot that has been pretty well pulled come out, even though it is pricey and can get dirty inside. It features an Americano button, and the steam wand performs an excellent job of producing dependable foam. In honor of International Coffee Day, Amazon is giving the Cafe Affetto coffee machine a 21% discount.

  • Cafe Specialty coffee maker

Do you find expresso to be overly pricy, complicated, or messy? A high-end drip coffee machine in your kitchen can improve your morning cup of coffee. The Cafe Specialty Drip Coffee Maker makes a rich brew without bitterness thanks to a dependable timer and an internal drip head that properly saturates the beans. When you buy this coffee maker from Amazon, you may save 20%.

  • Mr Coffee OneTouch expresso and cappucino machine

The Mr. Coffee OneTouch should be your top choice if you want yummy lattes and cappuccinos without the fuss of an espresso machine. It will get most of the job done, but you must clean the milk canister at least once weekly. This coffee maker is currently available on Amazon for a 9% discount.


International Coffee Day is a day set aside to honor coffee drinkers worldwide. Companies and brands are offering some of the most significant discounts on their coffee products, so now is an excellent time to consider purchasing a new coffee maker or replenishing your bag of coffee beans. Discounts on your favorite cup of joe are available at some of your favorite coffee shops. Check out our list to get started before these deals disappear.


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