iOS16: What to Expect from Apple

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Author: Mike Ross

The WWDC 2022 (Apple Worldwide Developers Conference) is almost here. During this event, iOS 16 will be unveiled, along with the latest iPhone firmware; Apple Watch OS 9, iPad OS 16, and HomePod OS.

Today, we will be disclosing the update you should expect from the new Apple operating system and some features from the new Apple gadgets.

What’s new in WatchOS 9:

  • Update dials
  • Car accident recognition
  • Operating in low power mode
  • allows you to save time
  • Updates to workout tracking
  • Indicators for tracking running
  • Improved arrhythmia detection

Starting this year, the Apple Watch 3 will not support the update of WatchOS 9 because its computing power would not meet the requirements of the new WatchOS 9.

 iOS 16 Processor Update 

The iPhone 14 Pro versions are likely to come without a notch but a punch hole and a pill-shaped cutout that will house the Face ID components and the selfie camera. Eventually, Apple might have to tweak the iOS 16 interface a little. Furthermore, there may be new display resolutions as well as some interface aesthetics, so Apple may be taking its time building iOS 16 to match all the component modifications.


More Features you Should Expect:

  • In the Health Menu, there will be a function to scan the packaging of tablets (medicine) for authentication
  • Improved notification settings
  • A new classical music app
  • Improved women’s health tracking capabilities with more accurate settings and tips
  • Advanced sleep tracking capabilities
  • Fault detection function
  • New wallpapers

Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, who is an ace journalist that covers Apple stories, disclosed information about possible chips. He claims that the forthcoming iOS 16, codenamed Sydney, will not have any substantial interface changes but will be considered a major upgrade because of its updates and technical improvements.

According to rumors, these are what you should expect in iPad OS 16?
  • Multitasking mode 
  • A new music software
  • Improved notifications and widgets
  • MR Mixed Reality Headset Support

HomeOS, RealityOS — What awaits us? 

Apple MR, a mixed reality headset, was previously reported to be shown at WWDC 2022. Later, rumors surfaced that due to shortages and the situation in the world, the company may postpone the release to 2023. HomeOS is another feature a lot of people are looking forward to. According to hearsay, the system might replace the HomePodOS and make it a separate system from the Apple HomeKit.

The iOS app will be available on October 16th while the new iOS 16 firmware will be announced on June 6, 2022. In about a week or two, beta testers will start using the system, but it will be made available to the public in September. 


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