The iPhone: What are its disadvantages

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Apple devices are known for their complex security seals that protect their operating systems. On the one hand, this feature ensures that no third party will have an easy time unlocking them and stealing our information, although on the other hand it also limits the experience that we could achieve using our iPhone or iPad.

This and many more make the list of some disadvantages of using the iPhone. Yes! iPhone too is not all good. Though is it an incredible piece of ‘hardware’, it has its flaws.

Back to the disadvantages.

The iPhone is costly. Whether this is a disadvantage or a necessity has always been a cause for debate have the iPhone given you a valuable product to take home. So, you can justify the cost.

Your storage space is never enough. Unless you are one who does not intend to take a ton of pictures and videos on your mobile phone, we are pretty sure you would be walking into this quickly. The thing is that the app running on the iPhone consumes quite a lot of memory space. The videos and pictures tend to be quite large, sinking your storage space. This leaves you with no other choice than to get a new mobile phone with larger storage space. Well, you can get a secondary storage device but this is often a big no-no for some folk.

Seeing free apps is a big deal. Coming from the android world, you know how easy it is for one to lay hands on a few apps on the android phone. The majority of the apps available on the play store are free. The same can not be said about the apple play store.


Other notable points include: 

Not easily finding replaceable parts, this is experienced mostly in the developing countries where qualified technicians are not readily accessible.

Higher cost of maintenance, unavailability of radio and other widgets. 

Oh, lest we forget, if you are a fan of torrent files and you like using your mobile phone to access these files, then don’t even think of getting the iPhone because all those lovely sites and apps you love using are totally blocked.

Well, it turns out one needs to pay for everything when using the iPhone. If this does not bother you, then no problem. You would not actually regret that much. But if it is not. We would recommend sticking with the android phone. There are a lot of cool ones out there too.


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