Letters to your kiddo directly from Santa Claus

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Christmas is one of the most anticipated moments of the year, especially for you who have behaved so well and who makes you so excited to ask Santa Claus for all those gifts you want to have at home. It is clear that he cannot satisfy all your requests, there are many children in the world and there are many gifts to distribute, so it is important to choose well what you want to receive instead of sending a huge list. Let us have a look at some tips that will help you discover how to write a letter to Santa Claus.


Santa Claus needs a little more time to receive all your orders, so it is a good idea to make your letter at the beginning of December, several days before Christmas night. A nice place to write your letter is under the Christmas tree, so you can feel the excitement of this important date up close. It is good that at the beginning of your letter you remind Santa Claus, although he already knows it, that you have been a good boy during the year. You can also take the opportunity to tell him something that has happened to you and that you want to share with him, we are sure that he will be very interested in hearing from you.


Then you can make a list of gifts. It is best to start with what you want, that toy, that special gift that you would like to have at home. Remember not to ask for too many things, there are many children in the world and many gifts to distribute and Santa Claus will not be able to give you everything. If you have a little brother who doesn’t know how to write, it would be very nice of you, and I’m sure Santa Claus would appreciate it if you include the gifts he wants in your letter as well. Explain that your little brother is still too young to write a letter by himself and that you are doing it for both of you.



Mom, dad, your uncles, or older brothers can help you make the letter to Santa Claus, they can also decorate it together and as a family. Always ask an adult for help when you go to write to order your Christmas gifts. Once you have finished with your list of gifts, say goodbye to Santa Claus, but the letter in an envelope destined for the North Pole, the home of Santa Claus, and give it to any of your parents. If you write the letter at school then give it to your teacher. The adults will be in charge of taking it to the post office so that it reaches Santa Claus.


Remember that Christmas is a time to celebrate the birth of the Child Jesus, the son of God, and although gifts are important to you, it is good that you know that it is not only about that but also about sharing with family with people who love you very much and who takes care of you and protects you throughout the year.


Below is a sample letter to guide you.

Dear Santa Claus:

Am _________. This year I have behaved very well, I have obeyed my parents, I have done my homework and I have been a good boy. I really like to play with other children, share my toys and I don’t like fights, and although sometimes I disobey, I know how to apologize to my parents when I misbehave.

That’s why I want to ask you for some gifts for this Christmas. I would like you to bring me: __________________.

Thank you for everything you have done for me. I love you very much, Santa Claus.


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