Liberty Mutual Insurance Announces Changes to its Dual-Channel Specialty and E&S Distribution Strategy in the US

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As businesses expand, they will require a dependable insurer to help protect their property in case of a casualty. Liberty Mutual Insurance recognizes this issue and has taken steps to better serve its clients and partners in the United States.

The company’s dual-channel distribution strategy for specialty and excess & surplus (E&S) insurance solutions have been modified. These changes will help businesses meet their changing and complex needs while also improving the ease of doing business.

This article discusses some of the changes made by Liberty Mutual Insurance and the implications for brokers and clients.

What Are Some of the Liberty Mutual Insurance Changes?

According to a company press release, all commercial, specialty, and E&S products placed through retail brokers in the United States will be Liberty Mutual branded. Simultaneously, Ironshore will become a wholesale-only brand.

Ironshore was acquired by Liberty Mutual in 2017 and has since offered specialty, commercial, and E&S products under both brands.


However, by distinguishing between Liberty Mutual for retail and Irohshore for wholesale, they hope to provide a more consistent experience for partners and customers, according to Matt Dolan, Ironshore President. He also stated that the changes are intended to demonstrate the company’s dedication to its dual-channel strategy.

What do these changes mean for brokers?

According to Liberty Mutual Insurance, wholesale and retail brokers will keep working with their current distribution contacts regardless of the changes and should anticipate branding changes in the coming months.

Wholesale Broker vs. Retail Broker

A wholesale insurance broker is a mediator between an insurer and a retail insurance broker. Also, they usually have no contact with the insured. Wholesale brokers frequently have specialized knowledge in a specific line of coverage and access to specific insurance markets.

On the other hand, a retail insurance broker acts as a link between the insurance marketplace and a client looking for coverage. They buy insurance from wholesale brokers and insurance companies and resell it to businesses and individuals. Depending on the circumstances, the same broker can act as a wholesaler or retailer.

The Bottom Line

Liberty Mutual is an insurance company that strives to provide protection for unexpected situations in a straightforward and caring manner. The company intends to change its dual-channel specialty and E&S distribution strategy to make it easier for clients to obtain the required insurance. Liberty Mutual will now handle retail insurance products, while Ironshore will handle wholesale. These distinctions will make the company’s interaction with its clients and partners more precise and consistent.


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