LinkedIn Just Added 3 New Features For Pages

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Author: Mike Ross

LinkedIn is a professional networking site where members can connect and share information. The service lets you create a profile, upload your resume, add connections, send messages, join groups, and even apply for jobs. 

The platform is essential for anyone wanting to build their career or get hired. Moreover, LinkedIn is one of the most influential business networking platforms. 

You can promote your personal or your company’s profile with various advanced publishing and community-building features.

The Site recently released three new features. It can help you to make your Page more impactful and stand out from the crowd. Whether you are looking to boost your career or build relationships with industry professionals, these three new features will help!


Newsletter Subscribers

LinkedIn’s publishing features can help you convert an audience into an engaged community. You may use LinkedIn Newsletters to post recurrent Articles and rapidly build a subscriber community. You can easily do it by sending a one-time notice to Page followers and reminders to Newsletter members.

Newsletters have swiftly evolved into valuable content strategy for companies. With its latest features, LinkedIn will assist you in building your subscriber base with each published Newsletter.

Users may quickly locate and submit to your Newsletter directly from the search engine results. People can do it when they search for your Profile on LinkedIn. 

You may actively include SEO strategies by configuring your Article’s SEO titles, descriptions, and tags. It’ll enhance exposure and traffic when your audience searches off LinkedIn. As your Page grows in popularity, LinkedIn automatically offers new followers an invitation to join your Newsletter.


Product Promotions

With new capabilities to make your goods more discoverable and attractive, businesses can get even more value from LinkedIn retail sites. 

First, your interests may be found through LinkedIn’s in-platform search, allowing you to attract more qualified solution-seeking consumers. Buyers may find solutions by searching by product, business, or category.

Second, you may offer brand highlights on your Page to emphasize specific product material and direct interested members to crucial features and dialogues. 

Use your on-platform supporters to your advantage by re-sharing material from your product community to your Page and adding those articles to your product highlights.


LinkedIn is eager to invest in solutions that will assist firms in developing their business, showcasing their network of experts, and being discovered by the right purchasers.

Dashboard for Competitor Analytics

With the proliferation of content, one of the most significant aims for marketers is differentiation. How can you differentiate yourself from competitors in your sector and address whitespace for your audience to become their go-to source for unique insights and news? The LinkedIn Pages Competitor Analytics dashboard just got better. It is now accessible on mobile and desktop devices, allowing you to learn what your rivals are doing and differentiate your brand.


  • Monitor subscriber statistics, recent posts, and audience engagement to observe what your rivals are talking about and how users react and measure your content development efforts.
  • Quickly discover popular material from competitors to stay current in your business and inspire your content strategy.

Bottom Line

New LinkedIn updates will help businesses to promote their products and ideas correctly, and efficiently to stand out from the competition. Try some of them to take your company to the next level.


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