Macy’s: 6 Saving Hacks for Savvy Shoppers

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Author: Nerdy Walsh

Macy’s is one of the best retail stores that are sure to have exactly what you need. Whether you are looking for home goods, shoes or clothes, you can count on Macy’s. However, Macy’s products are not cheap, especially if you are on a budget.

Today, we will be disclosing six proven hacks you can use to shop at Macy’s without breaking the bank. 

1. The Macy’s Money Program

Macy’s offers one of the best customer loyalty programs called Macy’s Money. This is a cash-back program for Macy’s customers. During some specific periods of the year, you will be able to get up to $10 in Macy’s Money for orders between $50 and $74, $15 for orders between $75 and $99.99, $20 for orders between $100 and $149.99, $30 for orders between $150 and $199.99, and $40 for orders over $200. These cash prizes will be available to spend a week after the promotional period ends. Macy’s Money program is a sweet and fascinating approach to earning while you shop for your favorite brand.

2. Create a Macy’s Account

Would you like to get an additional 25% off your next purchase from Macy’s? Well, it’s simple. Just take time out to create a Macy’s account and you will be rewarded with a one-time use 25% promotional code for your next order.

3. Sign Up for Macy’s Newsletter

Apart from the fact that you will get a 25% discount after registering, Macy’s newsletter serves its members with exclusive sales and discount deals even before anyone else. If you are planning your next purchase at Macy’s and you are not on their newsletter, ensure you do that to claim a 25% discount on your next order. 


4. Set up Macy’s Wallet

If you want a huge discount and faster checkout, it is recommended you have a Macy’s wallet set up. Macy’s Wallet program allows users to get access to promotional offers with sales and discounts that suit their purchases. 

5. Ensure your Macy’s Credit Card is always with you

Macy’s cardholders get a wide range of tiered benefits based on the amount they spend on the credit card. These benefits are not limited to exclusive access to Star Money Bonus Days, birthday savings offer, members-only savings event, VIP customer services, and free shipping on various items throughout the year. Additionally, you will earn more points when you shop with the Macy’s card plus a 15-20 percent discount on your next purchase. 

6. Shop on Deals

Taking advantage of discount deals or sales is one of the smartest decisions you can make as a Macy’s shopper. As a big retail store, Macy’s has a bunch of them. You can check them out on their official website or walk up to any Macy’s store to take advantage of them. 


Whether you are a periodic or a frequent shopper, shopping at a store like Macy’s can give you a shopping experience you’ve never had before. You will have access to a wide range of designers and most especially irresistible deals from most of the top manufacturing companies in the world. Discussed in this article are 6 undoubted hacks you can use to shop on a budget at Macy’s. 


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