What Lies ahead for Our Mobile Phone

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It is always a nagging question to know what mobile phones would be like in the future, knowing how advanced they are today. Every year that passes, the developer companies manage to improve themselves and bring a new model with much more technology. Progress continues year after year in different areas, be it models, tools, or even the way they load. Thinking about how they will be for the future could take you hours and hours knowing that there is no ceiling when developing them.

Before knowing what is expected of phones in the future, it is important to know certain aspects. In this way, you would know what are the most important characteristics that current phones meet and what can be advanced upon.

If we look at the past we can notice the difference that existed in the mobiles available at that time. For this reason, we have prepared a list of aspects that we can find today in the smartphone market. Perhaps some of the features we mention are being used by the device you are reading this article.


Currently, it is very common to find screens between 5 and 6 inches, which influences their price. On smartphones, the resolution can be 1920 x 1080 pixels. However, in the most advanced 2K resolutions of 2560 x 1440 pixels and even 4K can be achieved.

Foldable screens are now taking over the market. Although there are currently some models with this feature, these have not had the popularity that is desired. However, it is expected that for the future, manufacturers such as LG and Samsung can be characterized by this. 


Currently, the minimum RAM you should have when choosing a high-end or mid/high-end model is 4 GB. This will allow you to have a better fluidity when using it, also for games and many apps, it is necessary. In case you do not use many applications, having a device with 2 GB of RAM will be enough for you.


Operating Systems

Although for phones in the future these operating systems will already be obsolete, they are the ones that exist at the moment. For Android, there are versions such as 9 PIE or Android 10. In the case of iPhones, we can find the most current version, which is IOS 15.

Current Cameras

In current devices, you can find models that usually have more than two rear cameras. What is sought is that with them you can have a better quality and image opening. also with these arrays of cameras, we can take wide-angle photos, more opening, and even with a stabilizer to record.

Internal Memory

As for the internal memory, it is always important to think about the type of use that is given to the device. At a minimum, the ideal is that it has 32 GB, although if you are going to have many applications, games, and others, you should have more. That is why you can find models with 125 GB of memory for more storage.

Battery and charging time

This is another aspect that I would highlight from phones in the future. If you want the battery to last you all day or even two if you don’t use it much, there is already a solution. You should look for models that have a minimum 3000 mAh battery. In some cases of much more range and demand, you can find even higher than 3500 mAh.

Phones in the future are going to give us great tools to stay connected with the world. Today these mobile devices have become an extension of our lives. So it is almost impossible to leave them aside, this only means that we can count on improvements year after year. The phones in the future are going to continue to give a lot to talk about after bringing new options for users.


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