New Zelle Updates You Should Know

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 Author: Nelson Smith

Zelle is an excellent way of sending money to relatives and friends, irrespective of their bank or location. Recently, Zelle announced some new features and updates to its services. They include:

Banking App Integration

Zelle has been incorporated into many banking applications to save existing and potential users the stress of installing the app independently.

The list of partner banks is available on Zelle’s official site, but if your bank is not among, you may have to download Zelle via Play Store or App Store. One of the advantages Zelle have over other p2p payment platforms is that it doesn’t require an intermediary to deposit money into the receiver’s account.

You don’t need recipient banking details to transfer funds. You only need their email addresses or phone numbers. Whether they have an account with Zelle or not, the finance company will reach the recipient(s) via email or text and take care of the rest.

Zelle for Business

Zelle For Business feature is an excellent way to accept payments from customers without any delay whatsoever. Currently, the feature is only available in the United States. If you want to use the service outside the country, you may need to open a Wise Business Account. You can integrate your Zelle account with Wise and accept payments in up to ten different currencies. 


Free and Easy to Use 

In addition to running a free service, Zelle allows users to make small payments quickly and easily. Zelle is one of the simplest ways to make small payments as it eliminates the need to run to an ATM for a few dollars. Regardless of the reasons for the company’s popularity, it is a sure convenient way of send and receiving payment from loved ones.

Is Zelle Secure?

Zelle doesn’t provide any fraud protection for it uses. While this is not pleasurable, many users are still unaware of this feature. When making payments with Zelle, you should consider the recipient’s reputation and the level of trust you have for them. 

Even though this digital payment service makes money transfers quick and easy, it not advisable to use it for high-risk transactions. The fraud protection for payments made with Zelle is limited. i.e. it might be difficult to get a refund if you are not satisfied with your seller’s service or the service wasn’t not deliver at all. Despite these limitations, Zelle provides several additional features that help protect users from fraud.

Contactless Payments

Zelle makes it quick and easy to send money to friends and family without sharing their bank or personal information. The service employs a secure payment platform to transfer funds from one financial institution to another. To send money with Zelle, all you need is the recipient’s phone number or email address, and you are done. 


Despite some security concerns, Zelle is an easy way to transfer money effortlessly. However, Zelle users should be cautious when sending money to unknown recipients. This is because Zelle service is swift and it might be difficult to get a refund with a transaction that was mistaken. 


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