OMG! Woman Earns $15,000 A Month Reselling on Amazon

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Author: Don Perry

Trading on Amazon is a favored alternative for small firms trying to develop or make a statement, as individual sellers may establish their prices for their products and items. 

On the other hand, some sellers appear to have discovered the secret by outsourcing items from wholesale organizations or discount merchants. 

They purchase large quantities for a lower price and then offer them for a higher cost, generating profit with no stress.

Yamie Michelin, a TikToker, explained how she makes $15,000 a month by buying goods from discount retailer Marshalls and reselling it on Amazon.


Amazon Resale Strategy

Michelin, also known as @yamie_the_realtor on TikTok, first stated that she looks for things at bargain retailers. According to her, she bought two Sephora primers for $3.99 each from Marshalls and sold them for $22.54 each. 

Michelin claims she scans the code on the goods at the shop she’s buying using an Amazon scanner software to instantly see the price the goods are selling, and how much she can list it on Amazon.

Michelin now offers her e-book in which she teaches people how to purchase and trade on Amazon successfully. 

Sure, readers were not pleased with Michelin’s business practices, accusing her of being why some Amazon “items are questionable.”


“I will never purchase skincare from Amazon again,” one consumer stated. It hasn’t deterred Michelin or her hundreds of followers who have approached her for assistance in starting their enterprises. According to a post on her TikTok profile, the entreprenuer is paid weekly; up to $7,000 every payday, and claims to have begun with barely $300. Michelin informed viewers that when picking an item to resale, “aim for an item that’s selling 2-3x more than purchase price.”

Easy Ways To Start Reselling On Amazon

Michelin used retail arbitrage tactics on Amazon. In this example, retail arbitrage refers to purchasing reduced items from retailers (including online retailers) to resell them on Amazon. For instance, seeing a $5 thing at Walmart, buying it, and then reselling it on Amazon for $20. Isn’t it cool?

To resell retail arbitrage on Amazon, you should first identify what to offer and then register an Amazon seller account. 


Finally, you’ll need to pick whether you want to complete your items (Amazon’s Fulfillment by Merchant or FBM program).

Although there are other tools and apps to help you find things to resale, the only thing you truly require is the Amazon seller app, which is available to use with your Amazon seller profile. 

The scanning application allows you to scan items at retail stores. By scanning items with the Amazon seller software, you will see various categories, the sales rank, whether you are allowed to offer that specific product, and enter your purchase price to assess potential gain.


While it may appear that selling on Amazon through retail arbitrage is simple, it requires significant effort to succeed. Not every item you purchase at a clearance sale will turn a profit for you. If you find a niche to resell on Amazon, you can earn as much as Michelin. It would be best if you chose the correct category for resale.


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