PayPal Benefits Have Been Updated

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PayPal is undoubtedly the quickest and safest means of making payments online. The platform also offers great benefits for selected people to enhance their living and focus on other essentials. This article covers the updated benefits of PayPal that can help your everyday living. 

Coverage for Additional Medical, Dental, and Vision Costs

One key update on PayPal benefits is the coverage of medical, dental, and vision expenses. In 2022, PayPal will be covering dental, vision, and other medical costs increase. This implies that your paycheck donations for coverage will remain unchanged in 2022 unless you change your plan during annual registration.

Updates on UnitedHealthcare (UHC)

There have been significant changes in the UnitedHealthcare prescription drug coverage. Nonetheless, CVS Caremark will continue to provide pharmacy benefits. Some fundamental changes in the UnitedHealthcare prescription drug include:

  • Change to a standard formulary: some medications may no longer be protected. However, other choices will be provided. If your physician recommends a clinically necessary drug, but it is not on the classic formulary, he may ask permission from CVS. CVS will contact you and your health professional to find a way to get it if it is important. 
  • New Requirement for Dispense-as-written: If you fill prescriptions for a brand drug when generic is available, you will be charged the cost difference of the prescription drug (including copay). Nonetheless, your practitioner can request CVS for permission if the brand drug is clinically essential.
  • Discounts on Specialty Prescriptions Impact the Deductible: Manufacturers frequently offer copay cards to assist patients with the exorbitant cost of specialty medicines. What does this modification indicate? Copay value will no longer rely on your health plan deductible if you are prescribed a specialty drug using mfg. Copay.

Health Care FSA

In 2022, you can add up to $2,750 (before taxes) to your Health Care FSA. You can also carry over roughly $550 for the following year. However, the rollover possibility is not available for dependents.

Health Savings Account (HSA)

Register in the UnitedHealthcare CDHP and save roughly $3560 (employee only protection) and $7300 (employee + family coverage) in your HSA. In addition, if you are 55 or older, you can add up to $1,000 in catch-up donations. PayPal will also contribute to your account—$500 for staff coverage or $1,000 for employee-plus-family coverage. Use the funds to finance eligible medical expenses, save them for future liabilities, or invest to expand your earnings (tax-free).


Increased Fertility Benefits, Surrogacy, and Adoption

PayPal currently offers progyny fertility rewards (accessible to UHC stakeholders) and surrogacy to help families.

Progyny offers up to three smart loops of combo fertility services along with all the needful diagnostics. In addition to that, progyny provides cutting-edge technology (including PGT-A, ICSI, etc.). Therefore, you shouldn’t be concerned about running out of coverage during your treatment session. Additionally, more fertility possibilities are covered, including sperm-egg donation.

Real Appeal and meQuilibrium are no longer available

PayPal canceled these initiatives in January 2022 due to their low utilization. This decision was made because PayPal now provides more rigorous benefits to assist you, which include:

  • Health and fitness resources, such as Vida health mentoring and nutritionist for personal well-being and weight loss assistance
  • Calm for stress relief, sleep, and mindfulness.



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