Peloton to Sell Gear, Apparel on Amazon

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Author: Mike Ross

According to various news reports, Peloton has reached an agreement with Amazon to offer its exercise bikes and other fitness equipment available for sale on Amazon. 

Peloton’s high-end fitness gadgets will be offered for sale on Amazon for the first time, breaking the company’s prior policy of solely selling items through its platforms. 

Beginning Wednesday, Amazon shoppers can purchase certain things, such as the Peloton cycle, set-top Peloton Guide, clothes, and branded accessories, such as shoes and weights, through the official Peloton store.

What is Peloton?

Peloton has been around since 2008. The company was initially founded as a stationary bike fitness equipment company. 


In recent years, Peloton expanded its offerings to include live streaming classes. Now, the company is expanding into other areas, such as home goods and clothing.

With over 3 million members, Peloton is already well established. With new services, the company plans to expand its reach even further. Peloton wants to offer its customers more branded items as part of this expansion.

What’s New for Buyers

With these new deals, more customers will be able to acquire Peloton products. Previously, customers could only access the Peloton website. Existing and prospective Peloton members may browse a wide range of Peloton products while browsing Amazon.

The original Peloton cycle and the Peloton Guide, which contains an activity tracker, a voice-activated remote, and a strength-training gadget with a built-in camera, will be available on Amazon for those interested in leaping. 


When ordering a bike from Amazon, customers can assemble it themselves or have it put up by someone else after delivery – both of which are free of charge.

Amazon will sell Peloton accessories and clothing in addition to the bikes. It contains leggings, caps, t-shirts, yoga blocks, dumbbells, and cycling shoes, among other things.

CEO Retools Strategy

McCarthy, a technical veteran who joined over in February, is attempting to turn around a company that excelled in the epidemic’s early days but has slowed significantly in the last year. He hopes to revitalize sales, improve efficiency, and reclaim some of Peloton’s old luster.


In another effort to boost sales, Peloton is revamping its bikes so that consumers may build them at home and is considering allowing users to broadcast its content to competing training equipment. 

When Peloton releases its quarterly earnings, investors will learn more about McCarthy’s comeback plans.

Amazon gives Peloton another opportunity to reduce its inventory pile-up, which accumulated as pandemic lockdowns receded. McCarthy’s overall plan is to depend more on partners to run the firm, bolstered by the Amazon deal.


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