Razer Kishi, analysis: the controller with which you will want to play everything on your mobile


The Razer Kishi is the latest Razer controller designed exclusively to play on your mobile, a controller prepared for the present and future of mobile gaming.

Razer is one of the most prestigious in terms of quality. In addition to PC peripherals, little by little it extends its range of products specialized in gaming also on smartphones, either with headphones or game controllers capable of turning our mobile into a console, as is the case with the Razer Kishi.

We have spent a few days playing with the Razer Kishi, a controller that aspires to become the best gaming companion for your Android mobile. Worth? We tested it.

A compact and extensible design

The moment we open the control we find an extremely compact design. This design is not so intended to be used to play, but rather to transport it. At the back we have a couple of clips to expand the controller.


We have a base and a strap which we can extend to a limit, as well as grips to hold the mobile.

The capacity to extend is immense, being compatible with mobiles of almost any size. Phones of the size and magnitude of the Galaxy Note 10+ or ​​Galaxy Note 20 Ultra are capable of fitting in without problems, but just right. In this considerable size, the mobile for example with a cover does not fit, something that can be a counterpart if you use large mobiles.

USB port and holes to allow the sound of the mobile speaker to come to the surface.

At the connectivity level, it is a command that works by anchoring the mobile to the USB C port. This means that we do not have the capacity to work wirelessly, something that at present may seem negative, but that makes more sense than It seems given that it is a control designed to be attached to the mobile directly. Specifically, that it works through the port has the following advantages:

We don’t have to deal with menus: Nothing to go to settings, turn on the remote and link. You plug it in and go.
You do not need to recharge the controller: the moment you dock the mobile you are ready to play. The power required by the controller (which according to Razer, is very little) is taken directly from the mobile.
We can charge the mobile while we play: The lower port of the controller is capable of passing the current directly to the mobile. In a bluetooth remote control with this design it would not be possible.
Latency is the minimum possible: Although with Bluetooth controls we do not usually have latency problems, through the USB port it is even lower.
Naturally not everything is advantageous, and is that for example we will not be able to use the control for another platform that is not our own mobile, or even in this same we will have to play coupled. The external USB C port is only for power transfer, so it is not used to connect the mobile to the television or use headphones. Speaking of headphones, they could have perfectly incorporated a second jack port, being a great missed opportunity.

How is the command?

Joysticks: Very good quality, they are the right size, easy to access and with good travel. As in the good quality console and PC controllers, we can press them to act as the L3 and R3 buttons.
Analogue crosshead: At the level of the PlayStation and Xbox controls, but it is far from excellent, being worse than those of Nintendo (Switch Pro controller), 8Bitdo or Google Stadia.

Buttons A, B, X, Y: Good feeling and feedback on touch. They have aspects to improve such as size, separation and touch, but in general they are fine.
Triggers: Very good considering the design. The R1 and L1 are large, easy to reach, and with good feedback. The R2 and L2 triggers have travel, and although the feeling does not reach that of an official Xbox controller, given the portable controller approach we could not ask for much more.
An application that knows what we can play

Razer has created a specific application to get the most out of the Kishi. This application does not have great mystery, nor is it mandatory to be able to enjoy the controller on your mobile, but it can make the work of playing games that are compatible with the controller a little easier.

The application has two sections, the first being a games launcher in which the games that are natively compatible with the controller will appear, while in the second we will have Razer recommendations for games of each genre that we can play with a controller. Taking into account that in Google Play there is no way to know which games have native controller support, it is a great success.

One of the best reasons to get a mobile controller is to ensure full compatibility with streaming video games. Video game streaming platforms such as GeForce NOW that are capable of bringing the gaming experience of a high-end PC to mobile allows us to play with a diverse variety of controllers.

Although in theory we can play with almost any controller compatible with Android, having a controller recommended by the streaming game platforms themselves is an added value to ensure that, no matter what happens, we will be able to continue playing,

A premium controller to satisfy the most gamers
The Razer Kishi is one of the few controllers designed for mobile devices that we can say that we loved it. Normally the best options are usually console controls with a custom adapter, options that once seemed very good to us, but as the size of the mobile phones has grown, the counterweight of the mobile itself in the supports has made them not always very comfortable.

This remote has been very comfortable to use even on gigantic smartphones, being able to enjoy it for hours without discomfort. The grip is phenomenal, the quality of the buttons is good enough and the ability to compact it for easy portability has delighted us.

It is not a perfect controller, and we have a premium price for a controller that only works with your mobile (while a traditional controller is valid for several platforms at the same time). That it is not wireless we consider it an advantage, but we would have appreciated that, in addition to incorporating an external USB C port to charge the mobile while we play, it included a headphone jack adapter, as if the Gamevice, sister controls of the Razer Kishi do.

If you are one of those who play more and more on your mobile and are looking to consolidate your portable gaming experience, the Razer Kishi is one of the best controllers you can access on Android. Its official price is 89 euros, being the most accessible (and recommended) quality control from Razer.

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