Razer Kishi, analysis: the controller with which you will want to play everything on your mobile

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With this fully integrated portable controller, gamers can now enjoy more than 100 titles available on Xbox Game Pass Ultimate while on the go. The controller is MFi certified and works seamlessly with iOS games compatible with the controller, including those available on Apple Arcade.

The Razer Kishi Universal Gaming Controller for iPhone (Xbox) offers advanced gaming features for mobile gamers, giving them more precision and control through clickable thumbsticks, a full multifunction button layout, and an 8-direction D-pad. Featuring the same ergonomic comfort design that the Razer Kishi controllers are renowned for, the latest addition to the Razer Kishi controller range comes in a new design with monochrome face buttons.

We all know mobile game controls aren’t always great. They may be poorly implemented or your phone may not support multitouch. Rather than get frustrated by this, why not consider plugging in some of the available game controllers?

Your Android games will get a considerable boost when you use a game controller. In general, mobile game controllers can be connected to your phone with the help of a USB cable or Bluetooth.

Mobile games are more popular than ever and have gotten a lot better in recent years. The App Store is full of exciting RPG, action, and immersive simulation games, so there is a good reason to choose accessories to play on mobile, turning it into a complete gaming experience like an Xbox or PlayStation.



Apart from the controllers, there are quite a few things that could improve your gaming experience tremendously.

Batteries and chargers

If you play for long periods, you’ve probably noticed how much power some games can consume. They push your phone’s processor harder than any other app, so you’ll need to keep an eye on your battery level if you’re gaming during the day. These accessories will take some of the worries off of you. For this, you can make use of the Anker Power Core. Anker is no stranger to power accessories, and they have great options to extend your gaming sessions.

Gaming headset

Sometimes when you play games you want to enjoy the sound effects and music of the game. That’s a problem if you’re in a noisy area or somewhere where you might make others uncomfortable, then you might go for a solid headset. Lenovo LP6 Headphones are just about right for this job. The Samsung Galaxy Buds+ are quite cool too if wireless headphones are your thing.


Mobile games are quickly becoming people’s favorite. With the right accessories, it might as well be your favorite too.


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