Samsung is ,as a brand, much older than other smartphone producing companies. They started competition in early times. Before 2007 they had the race with Nokia and Sony. After that, until the announcement of Samsung Galaxy, the brand is tought to be fall behind like others. With the well-known Galaxy version, they returned to the competition.


Altough Samsung is a multi-national, high revenue, well managed company, Its very sad that the name behind Android operating system is not them. If they had built their own, stable, dependable operating system as their opponent Apple did, they might have doubled the sales.


Like other smartphones, Samsung deals are very common. Especially among mobile companies. Prepaid or billing phone contracts are sold with mobile plans. It makes these devices more reachable by people from every level of income. Sometimes 24 months and 36 months installment deals are announced by different companies which makes it very very easy to have it.


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