Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra’s First Leaked Camera Sample Shows Great Improvement Over S22 Ultra

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So it looks like the first camera sample of the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra has been leaked! And it looks like there’s been a noticeable improvement over the S22 Ultra.

The Galaxy S23 is rumored to have a 200MP main camera and a 10MP front-facing camera. If those specs are accurate, it would make the Galaxy S23 Ultra one of the most powerful smartphones on the market when it comes to photography. The camera samples from the S22 Ultra were good but not great, so hopefully, this 200MP camera can deliver on its promise.

Samsung Galaxy S23: Cameras

The Samsung Galaxy S23, notably the Ultra model, has received a lot of attention due to a purported 200MP camera. Even though we don’t anticipate the sensor to be significantly bigger than those found in other devices (popping in at 1/1.3 inch), it’s still great. Instead of the ISOCELL HP1 sensor shown in Motorola’s recently introduced Edge 30 Ultra, this camera may also employ the as-yet-unreleased ISOCELL HP2.

It appears that the 10MP telephoto lens from the S23 and S23+ predecessor will remain the same. We aren’t too shocked to discover some continuity between versions as the camera components on both phones appears to be comparable. No matter how well-versed the physical sensors are, anticipate plenty of upgrades because machine learning and software enhancements are currently almost as crucial to photo quality as real hardware.


How Does It Compare to the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra?

So how does the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra compare to the S22 Ultra? well, from the leaked camera sample, it looks like there’s been a significant improvement. The photo is sharper and more detailed, and the colors are more vibrant.

It’s still too early to say for sure, but it looks like Samsung may have finally managed to overcome the criti ism that was leveled at the S22 Ultra. If that’s the case, then the S23 Ultra is going to be a real contender in the smartphone market.

After the primary camera, it is anticipated that the Galaxy S23 Ultra would retain the old telephoto cameras from the 2022 Ultra. Nevertheless, the leaker (who hasn’t provided any evidence for the claim yet with images) asserts that improved picture processing will result in greater image quality.


Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra is anticipated to be available starting in January or February. Keep in mind that Samsung frequently releases camera improvements after product launches, so think of this as merely a sneak peek at what the new Ultra will be able to do.

How Can I Get My Hands on the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra?

It looks like the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra is going to be a pretty amazing phone. If the leaked camera sample is anything to go by, it’s going to blow the S22 Ultra out of the water.

But how can you get your hands on one? Unfortunately, Samsung has not yet released any information about the S23 Ultra. However, we can be sure that it will be released sometime in the near future.

Until then, all we can do is wait and keep our fingers crossed that we’ll get a chance to own this amazing phone.

Final Remarks

It looks like Samsung is stepping up its game with the Galaxy S23 Ultra. The camera sample that just leaked looks a lot better than the one from the S22 Ultra.

This is great news for anyone who was considering upgrading to the S23 Ultra. With such a big improvement in the camera department, it’s worth considering.

Make sure to stay tuned for more information as it becomes available.


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