Samsung unveils its flagship product for 2021 at CES: the Galaxy S21

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During the Consumer Electronics Show in 2021, Samsung brought forth their Galaxy S21, a beauty to behold. So we got the phone and here we are with a few reasons that may seal your idea of the phone as a choice to go for.

Galaxy S21 devices are characterized by an attractive design. It also has a much more powerful processor when compared to its predecessor. With the S12 you will enjoy smoother app usage. Also, with the interest color option Samsung is bringing out, you are sure of not handling somewhat of a boring mobile. The screen is well protected. It comes with a Gorilla Glass Victus screen protector, one of the best on the market. The display is quite amazing too. The 6.2-inch(or 6.7-inch) Super AMOLED displays they have would ensure that no color is missing.


Is the Samsung S21 not your thing? Well, Apple and Samsung have engaged in a battle to conquer the throne of the best smartphone for quite a while now. Among the companies dedicated to the manufacture of mobile phones, Apple and Samsung are actually two of the largest and have traditionally held the top positions in the ranking of manufacturers worldwide. 

There is no one answer for all users since the best choice between iPhone and Samsung will depend on many factors such as your usage patterns, telephony needs, and, of course, the price. If the Samsung S21 is not your choice, you can try out the iPhone 13 mini or the iPhone 12

iPhone 13mini

The reduced and economical version of the new Apple phone. Though its screen is not very large, it comes with a double camera and an aluminum chassis, with the usual colors of the brand along with several new colors such as red, pacific blue, and pink.


The main feature of the iPhone 13 Mini is its reduced price, which ranges from 809 euros for the 128 GB version to 1,159 euros for the 512 GB version.

iPhone 12 mini

The iPhone 12 mini fulfilled the wish of users who asked for the return of compact phones, but it has been anything but a bestseller.
The unboxing of the iPhone 12 mini is less than stellar. There is the equipment, a cable, SIM ejector, some pieces of paper, and an Apple sticker. So if you are looking to get a small phone with quite a lot of function.

The iPhone 12 mini is a good phone, especially for lovers of compact cell phones. But other users probably prefer the standard iPhone 12. Sales prove it, the iPhone 12 mini is one of the least sold of the latest generation of Apple. The iPhone 12 mini is one of the most compact and complete cell phones on the market. If you are looking for a compact cell phone, there it is. It has the same chip as the iPhone 12 Pro Max, stereo sound, a good OLED screen, and future-proof 5G.

This year’s CES fair, which is normally held in Las Vegas (USA), has been virtual due to the coronavirus pandemic. Yet still, the show presented a lot. Check out their website to see what top companies in different categories brought forth.


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