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Starting with signal devices used, people’s need for connection and what expect have changed and evolved every day. 40 years before, just a signal was enough. 30 years ago, nearly every house had its own phone line in living room. Just about 10 years later, phone lines got disappeared because celular phones invaded pockets of everybody. But, the real revolution took about 7 more years…

In the 7th of January 2007, 1st generation of Iphone was announced. Changed the balances of whole sector of mobile phones. Because It was a smartphone. A new field of communication has taken place. It opened the way to the real millenium of phones.

Mobile phone deals started to take place more than ever before. All telecommunication companies started to offer different plans for different needs. Call plans, sms plans, international plans, data plans… At the beginning, MBs of data package was acceptable. Nowadays, 20 GBs of data is spent on mobile phones in less than a month.

Mobile companies struggle to keep up with this high demand. Announcing new plans nearly day by day.

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