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Mobile phone providers are consistently trying to increase the value of mobile phone plans. Their focus is on offering the most reliable coverage, the best valued prepaid plan, or the cheapest mobile phone plans. This basically is supply and demand at work. When the internet first came out and was integrated into our mobile phones, we did not see a lot of companies going into this sector. As time went on, more and more firms are springing with their own optimization to bring in more customers and increase profit.

Let us have a look at some of the mobile plan one could see in the United State and how it compares with others.


Verizon is a big contender in this industry. Some of their plans include.

  •  an unlimited plan that costs $40 a month. Where you can also get an incredible discount for the additional lines you add to the family plan.
  • Verizon Get More Unlimited, priced at $90/month.
  • Verizon Do More Unlimited, priced at $80/month.

Verizon is not the cheapest one out there, but this is what makes it a great choice.

Verizon has one of the most reliable coverages in the country. It is your best option to receive calls and text messages wherever you are.

Look at any popular cell phone performance rating and you’ll see Verizon at or near the top for coverage (offering 70% 4G coverage nationwide), speed, and overall performance.

Metro by T-Mobile offers the best value for prepaid family planes.


There are many nuances when it comes to cell phone providers and planes. So, let’s dive into the details. We want to make sure you get the plan that covers your wireless needs.

Visible Wireless

Next up is Visible. Visible has lots of unlimited data bundles, it is a great network and all this, you can get at an affordable rate. some of their plans include:

  • The $40 Unlimited Plan
  • The $100/month family bundle. This can support about 4 lines

Deprioritization is one of the main cons that can be seen in this mobile network. Apart from that, they are quite good. You almost always get a cheaper deal with a prepaid plan and Visible Wireless is the best of the bunch.


The second best-prepaid offer out there is Mint Mobile’s Medium data plan. Mint has always been out for all. Their plan includes.

  • Mint Mobile 3 Month Plan (Medium) and a few more

Mobile phone plans in the United States are always changing, with new services and features. Be sure to check out some of these plans.


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