Halloween Celebration: The Halloween Spa Package Designed Specially for Dogs

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Author: Jordan Tibet 

Halloween is almost here! and now, your dog can celebrate it better. As part of the Pets at Home Halloween collection, your dogs can enjoy the luxury of a spooky-themed spa session before playing their trick-or-treat roles.

The Halloween Spa Package Designed For Dogs, Not Humans

We always try our best to look the part for Halloween parties and celebrations together with our pets. 

This year, dogs can enjoy a Halloween-themed luxury spa session before donning their holiday costumes through the Pets at Home spooky new collection.

A spa salon is offering a canine Halloween spa package to hold throughout October. For an extra $9 on the price of the basic package, your dog will receive a head-to-toe – sorry, head-to-paw grooming session, including:

  • Teeth cleaning.
  • A blueberry facial.
  • Paw and nose balm.
  • Foamy breath cleaning gel, and;
  • Spooky Halloween spritz and shampoo.

To celebrate their makeovers, dogs who make it through the session will take home a spooky bandana to ensure they leave looking like a full 10/10. 

The Halloween spa package is just one of many things the retail house does to ensure dogs can safely indulge in the Halloween season alongside their owners.

Other eerie line includes scary accessories, outfits, toys, and treats. These adorable costumes can change your hound into a frightening bat or spider, each with an adjustable nylon fastener to ensure participating pets remain comfortable.

There is also the dreadfully cute spider web gown with easy access to fasten a collar whenever it is walk time. Along the line, you can opt for soft knit jumpers to keep your canine cozy for the season.


Head of Pets at Pets at Home, Karlien Heyrman said: “We acknowledge that family fun is always better when our pets involve, and tons of people are looking for ways to accomplish this without putting them at risk of getting injured,” she said.

“From frightful mini-costumes to ghastly pumpkin accessories, this year’s Halloween range will allow all pet lovers to commemorate the social holiday with the whole canine and human family.” 

“However, while everyone loves the thrill of their pets joining in the Halloween season, it’s necessary to ensure your pet is comfortable in any costume or accessory. 


Remember that not every pet enjoys dressing up, talkless of interacting with the hordes of strangers that accompany the spooky season.”

“Avoid dressing your pet up for extended periods. We advise dressing your dog for short periods before the Halloween celebrations to familiarize them with their new costumes. If your pet seems unhappy or uncomfortable, take the costume off immediately.”

“If you can’t get your dog into a complete outfit, try out some accessories such as the witch’s hat, pumpkin hat, or the fright fur accessory line. 


What’s great about the Pets at Home Halloween collection is that it offers beautiful accessories for pets who find the whole hustle and bustle of the spooky season uncomfortable. You can find a complete line of Halloween season bows, mini-costumes, and hats for your dog to rock.


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