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Author: David Young

With finances comes a lot of stress. There is never enough money to go around for most people. You may be tight on cash this month, but next month seems to have more than enough money. 

How do you make sense of it all? A personal finance management app might be the answer for you. 

There are growing numbers of personal finance management (PFM) apps on the market these days. With most people with smartphones, there are some great applications to help manage their finances.

Here is the list of the best personal finance management apps you can download on your smartphones to help you manage your finances.


Truebill is a user-friendly advisor that assists users in reducing recurring costs and paying off debt quickly. It also offers tools to help you make informed decisions on your monthly spending. However, this tool requires a premium subscription, ranging from $3 to $12/month.


Truebill’s premium subscription services include the following features:

  • Premium Chat
  • Custom Categories
  • Balance Syncing
  • Unlimited Budgets
  • Smart Savings Plans
  • Cancellations Concierge


Mint is a budgeting application that connects all of your financial accounts in one virtual place, providing you the opportunity to manage your income and expenditure. Users can also set and monitor their budgets and track their investments.

As a user, you can integrate your bank accounts, personal finance accounts, pension and retirement savings, credit cards, and other financial holdings through Mint. You can also use Mint to track all of your monthly expenses and receive alerts so you can pay them on time.

You Need A Budget (YNAB)

YNAB proactively approaches budgeting. It helps users to participate in adding bills, and modifying their budgets as necessary. You can begin with the standard budget option or manually develop one based on your requirements and lifestyle.

YNAB is based on four distinct budgeting fundamentals:

  • Put every dollar to work. When you add revenue to YNAB, you allocate it to particular areas or outgoings.
  • Let your money mature. YNAB works by funding your budget with cash received from the previous month.
  • Accept true costs. You can set goals and make monthly payments to pay off occasional expenses such as car repairs.



Money Patrol is a budgeting app that connects to thousands of financial records, along with non – traditional expenditure reserves such as gift cards and prepaid debit cards. 

MoneyPatrol is for you if you dislike spreadsheets and choose not to create a specific budget. The Notifications & Insights functionality, which offers bite-sized pieces of information via email or text, is the true essence of its budgetary operation.

MoneyPatrol has more than enough charts, panels, and tables to show how you spend your money and where you’d do better.



Prism consolidates your expenses and financial accounts into a single app, providing a comprehensive view of your cash flow. 

The app has over 11,000 billers, including large banks and even relatively small utility companies. 

When you add your expenses to the app, Prism monitors them and sends deadline alerts to help you avoid late payments. 

You can pay your bills using the app by planning payments for the same day or a few days before the date. Prism removes the need to sign in to multiple accounts when paying bills.


This article provided a list of some of the best personal finance management apps available. Hopefully, one of these apps will assist you in managing your finances efficiently and conveniently. 


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