Top Places You Should Install Security Cameras In Your Home

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‘Security cameras are worth investments in keeping your home safe from break-ins, burglaries, and vandals. One crucial thing about utilizing security cameras is knowing the proper positioning, as it plays a vital role in terms of ensuring adequate surveillance. 

Of course, by positioning security cameras, you need to ensure that you can see what happens to different places in your home without invading anyone’s privacy. 

Using several security cameras is not considered cheap. So, the very last thing that you should do is place them incorrectly since that will be completely useless and a waste of your hard-earned money. Lucky for you, this guide will help you discover the best spots in your home where you should install your security cameras. 

Top 9 Spots Where to Install Security Cameras

While there are endless spots in your home where you can install security cameras, not all of them are worthy of being surveillance. In fact, there are certain spots around your home where you should place your security cameras.


Listed below are the top 10 spots at home you shouldn’t overlook:

1. The Front Door 

Essentially, you should install a security camera on your front door. Since the front door normally faces the street and can be accessible to anyone, it is quite obvious that you should place a security camera there; as it is the first place criminals may attempt to gain access to your home. Ultimately, a video doorbell camera is an ideal choice to install in this spot. 

2. The Backyard

Your backyard is the first outdoor spot you should place a security camera. A spotlight or weatherproof security camera is the best option of a camera to put in your backyard, and it can go a long way toward giving you crucial peace of mind. Installing a camera in your backyard can help you prevent unwanted presence on your property. 

3. The Garage

Your garage is probably the place where one or more cars are stored. However, it is more than that since it is the first line of defense regarding home security. So it makes sense if you place one or more security cameras over your garage. After all, you don’t want anyone nearing it without your permission, right? 


4. The Gates

In reality, criminals don’t need to enter your home to get your valuable items. That’s why you should also place a security camera at your gates. Gates always look easily accessible, so they are an easy target for break-ins. You can prevent that by placing a security camera that will make criminals double-think before getting your valuables. 

5. The Living Room or First Floor 

Your living room or the first floor is the most accessible portion of your home. Visitors can go there, and a lot of things can happen without your watch. A security camera can help you record and backtrack all that happened to avoid any issues. Ideally, it is best to install a wireless motion-detecting camera so you can see a wide field of view of the spot and receive alerts on your phone. 

6. All Blind Spots

Interestingly, putting security cameras on the blind spots in your home is a great strategy to hide and gain access to your home. These spots include along the fence, overhangs, overgrown trees, around bushes and shrubs, and many more. As for the type of security camera to install, you can’t go wrong with cameras that have night vision and trigger motion. 


7. The Children’s room

While you might not think of it, a children’s room is one of the most precious rooms since it is decorated with a lot of toys and other valuable assets. Yet, that is not the primary reason why you should put a security camera there. Of course, the best motivation why you should install one is to effectively observe your child there. Even if you are not physically present, you can still guard it with the help of a security camera. 

8. The Hallway

Most of the time, long, dark hallways are susceptible to peculiar noises during nighttime. Having installed security there can save you from having to get up late at night and check what’s happening there. All you need to do is to check the camera’s feed so you can easily sleep again if there’s nothing suspicious. 

 9. The Kitchen

Accidents can happen in the kitchen, so you might always feel anxious every time you leave, wondering if you left the stove on or not. Instead of settling for that scenario, it is better to install a security camera that will let you have peace of mind. 


Listed above are just some of the best stops to install security cameras. Nevertheless, you are the one who is familiar with your own home, so you can think of other places you should install one. If you are considering installing camera in your home, you should act on it fast. 


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