Venmo Update: Venmo Introduces New Look and Features

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Author: Aries Smith

Venmo was already an established payment mechanism app before its latest update. The way the app made the transfer of money easier with no hassle is one of its greatest features. That is why it is no surprise that Venmo efficiently accumulates buzz and news by presenting its continuous innovation of a brand new look and performance. 

The new updates hint at a more intuitive experience for users. If you are a Venmo user, good for you because you can now start enjoying Venmo’s upgraded performance. 

However, don’t worry if you don’t have the application on your smart device, you can easily create an account via your iOS or Android device.

Let’s explore Venmo’s new features. 

Expanded privacy controls

No controversy, one of the reasons why Venmo is widely accepted is its commendable privacy and security. The features guarantee worry-free operations for users. 

The updated privacy controls allow users to customize their friends’ list settings, effortlessly. Apart from that, users can also hide their profile or make it appear whenever they want to. Furthermore, Venmo users can block other users from viewing their profile or operation on the application. Even with its revamp, Venmo still allows users to see and pay strict attention to their transactions and payment activities. In short, the expanded privacy controls give users absolute control of their privacy settings. 


User Experience

App interface and exploration are features that shouldn’t be neglected by any developer or company. Venmo’s new interface design makes it easy for users to unlock and explore the app features without any complications.

For more exploration, look for the bottom navigation to seamlessly toggle between the app features, including personal profiles, social feeds, and Venmo products. 

Interestingly, Venmo users who use Venmo Credit Card and Debit Card will have full control of their offers and rewards. With the new update, users can now buy and sell cryptocurrencies using the application. You can check the feature by tapping the crypto menu on your Venmo application

Updated Social Feed 

If you had been awkward about Venmo’s global feed on the old version, you would surely like the latest update of Venmo’s social feed. While the social feed is part of Venmo’s core, the company decided to remove the global feed. For more users to embrace the new social feature Venmo highlighted the friend feed as part of its continuous effort to evolve. 

With the friend feed as the only social feed left, Venmo has gone back to the basics. The change to their socialization channel is a smart strategy to keep users’ experiences more meaningful and convenient.

In a Nutshell

Technically, Venmo’s continuous innovation is always come in handy. The newly updated app and added features allow the app users to send and receive money, effortlessly. Aside from that, users can now buy and sell their favorite cryptocurrencies without the use of any third-party software. Overall, the newly designed Venmo application offers an impressive way of transacting, socializing, and trading assets with no contradiction whatsoever. 


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