Walmart Counters Amazon’s Prime Early Access Sale With Its Own Fall Deals Event

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Walmart is hosting its “Rollbacks and More” sale event to match both Amazon’s Prime Early Access sale and Target’s Deal Days event, to kickstart the earliest-ever holiday shopping season.

Continue reading as we discuss what to expect from Walmart’s and Amazon’s holiday specials!

Walmart Counters Amazon’s Prime Early Access Sale With Its Own Fall Deals Event

Walmart is holding its own sale event this week, starting October 10 – October 13, to rival Amazon’s October 11 to October 12 Prime Early Access sale that features hundreds of thousands of amazing deals for a 48-hour occasion.

For the first time in history, Amazon will be holding multiple sales events in the same year exclusively for its Prime members. While Amazon wants us to believe that Prime Early Access is not just another Prime Day, we can expect a lot of similarities between these two events.

For example, both events are full of Amazon’s typical offers of the best discounts on its items. Products like Amazon’s: Fire tablets, Echo smart speakers, Kindle e-book readers, Fire TVs, and streaming services will go on sale at special discounts.

The sale, however, will still display an array of items beyond Amazon’s suite products, and thousands of traders and merchants will participate in this year’s October event. We should see thousands of discount offers and bundle deals on everything from home appliances and sporting equipment to clothing and electronics.

Walmart’s sales event is starting at 5. a.m. EDT on October 10 and ends on October 13. Considering “Rollbacks and More” begins the day before Amazon’s event, we can see that the company is trying to hook customers before the Amazon event even starts. 


Furthermore, since the event ends the day after the Prime Early Access Sale, shoppers who miss Amazon’s event can still catch Walmart’s deals.

The Best Sales Event In 2022

Walmart’s sales events will feature discount offers on top electronics, toys, fashion, and home appliances. Such discounted items include Televisions, air fryers, heaters, vacuums, Apple Air Pods, and Apple Watches.

Amazon has said its event will include deals across each top category, such as Home, Kitchen, Toys, Pets, Fashion, Electronics, as well as Amazon devices. We should also expect lots of great deals on Amazon’s product line.

Additionally, apart from Amazon and Walmart’s holiday season specials, Target’s “Deal Days” begins today and runs until October 8. The best part about Target’s sales run is that you can choose to drive up or buy in-store if you can’t wait for shipping.

Other retailers like Costco and BestBuy are yet to declare any holiday sales special: However, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t check out their fall competitive pricing throughout the holiday season.


“Rollbacks and More” won’t be the first time Walmart launches a retaliation sales event to compete with Amazon’s offering. When Amazon held “Prime Day” earlier in July, Walmart countered by hosting its own sales event. It isn’t a surprise that the retail giant is looking to engage with Amazon for a second time.


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