Winter and Insurance – What you need to know

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Winter! This time of the year alongside Autumn has been known to hold a tremendous risk of accident and theft in the home.

That’s why it makes a lot of sense to review your insurance policy. When the weather is bad, leaves and darkness can cause accidents on streets and sidewalks. Accident insurance protects you from the financial consequences of these events. Home insurance provides you with full coverage against losses due to theft in your home. This will make it easier for you to buy the things stolen.

Autumn is not just a time for pumpkins, chestnuts, and back to school. No, it holds more than just that. It also gets dark much earlier, also, the weather gets a bit nastier. Having insurance during this time could bring a little peace of mind.

Need more reason? Here are a few more reasons why we would recommend getting insurance during this time of the year.

Most accidents occur during the fall and winter when the weather and darkness make visibility difficult, and leaves from trees, moisture, and ice create a greater risk of slipping on the sidewalk.

These events leave us with no choice other than dealing with possible treatment for injuries, and the costs associated with not being able to work during that period. Also, the cost of fixing the damage to your vehicle or that of the other people involved can be high.


Scary! Too many costs.

What kind of events do insurers term as accidents?

For an insurer, an accident is any fortuitous event in which external forces cause damage to the health of the insured, whether temporary or permanent, which can even cause death.

The place where the accident occurs is not relevant: an accident skiing or on a winter vacation, and an accident jogging in your spare time or at a barbecue would be covered. The sum of money will you receive after such an event would be determined by the damage itself and the degree of disability. This is logical when you think of it.

Either way, caution is always the best protection: careful behavior on the road and cleaning the sidewalk in front of your house will reduce the risk of accidents. Certain home burglary prevention measures can also reduce the likelihood of a burglary in your home.

That time of year when the days are shorter and the temperatures begin to drop. Storms, rains, and the falling of the leaves of the trees increase the risk of accidents and the robberies at home are more frequent. For this reason, it is particularly important to review our insurance policy for the fall and winter and make sure it is up to date. Having accident insurance is particularly important during this time.


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