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Author: Artem Lewis

It is very important to control your finances and manage your budget. We understand that some people might find it boring while some don’t have the time. To help you, we’ve collected the best personal finance management apps that can help you manage your finances without hassle.


Truebill is a financial management platform created to help users track and reduce their recurring monthly bills. Truebill has a suite of features that can help you manage your money better. 

  • With Truebill, you can add a bill by simply taking a photo of it. Truebill has a team of bill negotiation experts ready to find any additional discounts available to you. After submitting your receipt, they will negotiate your recurring bills to get a lower rate or one-time credit.
  • Truebill tracks and cancels subscriptions that are no longer in use. Truebill claims that 84% of people have forgotten about a monthly subscription. The app will identify and cancel these for you.
  • Truebill Premium members will automatically get refunds for bank charges.
  • Truebill offers a Smart Savings account feature that can help you calculate the amount of extra cash you need to set aside each month towards a savings goal while ensuring you have enough to cover your bills and expenses.

As you can see, many features are unviable without a premium subscription. Truebill is a free app to download, but it’s completely. If you want to enjoy its full benefit, you have to upgrade to Premium. Their pricing is $3 to $12 per month and $36 to $48 per year.


Trim is an application that negotiates with companies to save you money on your bills and helps you lower your credit card APR. It will analyze your spending patterns and show you ways to cut back and save money. Many of Trim’s services are free, but it does charge a success fee of 15% of your annual savings when it successfully negotiates a lower bill. TRIM Premium costs $10 a month.

To operate efficiently, Trim connects to your checking and credit card accounts, takes a look at your transactions, and sends an alert when it finds recurring purchases that you may need to cancel.

  • To negotiate a bill, upload the invoice and then provide your preferred payment method. After that, Trim will get in touch with the bill holder to negotiate and find you a better rate. If there are cheap services available, you will be notified, then you can change your service terms to save money.
  • One of the main features introduced with Trim Premium is high-yield savings accounts. With a Trim account, you can get up to a 4% rate on the first $2,000 you deposit into the account, and a 1.1% APR afterward. That is a fairly decent rate on a typical savings account. The app also lets you automate deposits from your main account into your savings account at no extra charge.
  • Trim can help reduce your monthly expenses by culling unwanted recurring purchases. 

Trim can help you significantly reduce your expenses by eliminating unnecessary subscriptions. Additionally, the app can help you get a better cable and internet subscription deal. 


BillShark is another bill negotiation tool that can help you lower your bills. Since most people don’t keep an eye on their monthly subscriptions (like cable or cell phone costs), using a service like BillShark could be useful.

To use the BillShark service, download the app via app or play store, launch it, snap photos of your bill, then upload it to Billshark. After that, BillShark will ask what parts of your bills are negotiable.


We have put together a quick review of 3 applications that can change your finances for the better. All the applications listed above are efficient to help you improve your finances. You can try any of them and stick to it if it does the work. 


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